10K: Thank You

I cannot believe I woke up this morning and I saw 10K on my Instagram. It is beyond me how 10,000 of you love my content enough to hit follow, and join me in my journey with my blog. I started blogging 4 years ago now, and it was all just to show y’all how I style my outfits and share my love for beauty. Who would have known 4 years later I’d have over 10,000 people reading my blogs, and 10,000 people following me on Instagram!!

For some this may be a small milestone they pass, but for me it’s been a journey, there have been so many ups and downs with my blog, with people judging me for it to people praising me for it, but it’s been worth every obstacle and every achievement and I couldn’t be more proud of myself and thankful of you all for the love and support.

The brands I’ve worked with, to the people I’ve met through blogging, and of course the constant love and messages from you all make blogging SO much fun and the best thing ever!!

For all my fellow bloggers, aspiring bloggers and influencers, I wanted to take this achievement to share a few things I learned since I started til now.

Collaborate, don’t compete.So many people make blogging a competition, but really collaborating not only helps you grow but brings others up with you, and what’s better than that?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to brands. 4 years ago I started emailing brands and reaching out to them myself, and that made a huge difference. Sometimes brands don’t care about the following #, they care more about the content and the personality you have, so don’t be too shy to reach out! The worst that can happen is they say no, but keep trying. 4 years later I have brands reach out to me, but I still wouldn’t be too shy to reach out myself, the best part about this is you are the asset, so keep that in mind!

Be picky. Don’t say yes to every brand or every company that wants to collaborate with you, choose ones that you truly love or want to work with.

Don’t be exclusive.The blogging community is so big, always try to include and go to events and reach out to girls who you’re in the same niche with. When you’re exclusive and a following count gets to your head, people do notice, so always be open to being with all types of bloggers and be inclusive.

Have thick skin. I learned this the hard way, people always have opinions and they’re allowed to. They might not like your content and they may be vocal about it, but just have thick skin and know that your style is yours and keep your head up high.

Be yourself. You know when they say if you’re genuine and real it’ll show? It does. Be who you are and people will gravitate towards your energy naturally, trying to be like someone else will definitely show through the content you create, so just do you and be you and you will grow!

Again, thank you all SO much for the support, love, encouragement and praise. I can’t be more grateful for people like y’all in my life! Love you all to the moon and back.




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