A Day In My Life As An Influencer

Hi Dolls!

So many of y’all are wondering what I do and how my day to day life is an influencer, and It all seems so glamorous on the outside looking in, but there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes that I’m sure my fellow bloggers will agree with. In an effort for y’all to get to know me better, beyond the published posts you see on Instagram, I thought I’d answer some of the most asked questions I get about how my day to day life is and what I do.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so I knew I wanted a business since I can remember. I did work and get some amazing experience, but I joined my family business not too long ago so I’m doing that now. There is nothing more fulfilling than working and contributing with family, especially when you share a common goal. I will one day start something up and grow (iA) but this is my passion. If you want to know more about my business just follow me on Insta as I share a lot of it on my stories! 🙂

Apart from that, I am a full-time blogger. As soon as I get up I’m answering emails, planning weekly photo shoots, communicating with brands for visuals, creating content, and my mind is constantly going. I post on Instagram on the daily and just preparing that 1 post takes a few hours – yes, hours. I try to engage a lot with y’all as well so I’m always on my stories interacting, commenting and liking your posts and your content.

I like to produce as much content on weekdays as I can since weekends are for work and me-time, so my days are pretty scattered. I also like to keep up with my stats and demographics of my post to see what y’all are liking and what I need to do more of, so that takes up a bit of time too. Since I’ve seen my parent’s always working, I think that quality passed down to me.

A typical day in my life when I’m my busiest would look like this:

wake upgo to the gym (sometimes, lol)go to worklunchcome home and prep outfits for shootingget ready to go to a shootdo the dreadful commute to the shoot location (if you know Houston traffic, you know)finish shooting and go homedinnerstart editing, answer emails, engage, create vision boards, get creative content, etc.go to bedrepeat

of course not every day is THIS busy, but I am a workaholic and like to stay busy so I do as much as I can on the daily to keep myself busy and keep growing in any way I can. I absolutely HATE routines, so I don’t follow one. I love living every day differently so If I’m not shooting then I’m editing, if I’m not editing then I’m styling outfits, if I’m not doing that then I’m engaging, I’m always doing something. It does seem like a lot of work and trust me, it is especially when you have a social life, and work too, but it’s all so worth it because I get to share, inspire, and influence and that’s how I know what I’m doing isn’t going to waste.

A few tips I’ll give y’all for those of you who ask how I manage my time, and how I’m able to juggle so much so well:

If you know you have to get things done, do them in advance. Then you have a grace period in case any technical difficulties happen, you get too busy, etc. so I always like to get everything done ASAP whether that’s shooting content, writing a blog post, anything really I always do it a week before the deadline so I know if anything happens I have time.

Another tip is to love the content you create/ job that you do – I used to say yes to everything, all my projects all the collabs, but I’ve learned to only really work with brands that I love, and that love my vision and my content too. If you do work that adds value to you, not only will you grow but you’ll create a lasting relationship with the brand or company you’re working with.

Spread your work out during the week, including weekends – take out some time everyday to keep up with your work. If you do this, you won’t procrastinate and have to cram before a deadline.

I use a google calendar and plan each month at a time, this helps so much! I just started doing it and it’s a game changer, it adds so much organization and I love getting reminders for upcoming things.

Make it your own – don’t think of your job as a job, think of it as your own project. This is something my dad always taught me, never to think of work as work but to always think of it as your own. That’s made a difference in every job I’ve done and I have always learned so much from each role.



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