A Day In My Life At Home During COVID-19

Hi my friends,

I hope y’all are doing well, & are staying safe and at home. I just shared a vlog style video on my Instagram where I show y’all my routine for getting through my day at home, inclusive of working from home, my getting ready routine, mental health practices I’ve adopted and so much more. I’m going to link it below so y’all can watch it for yourselves, I compressed a whole day worth of footage in under 10 minutes so I hope y’all find that it lifts your spirits and gives y’all some inspiration for how to go by your day easily.

Social distancing is so critical right now, COVID-19 has spread to every single state in the U.S. and the least we can do is stay home and help flatten the curve. While I know how incredibly challenging it is to stay home all day everyday, there’s so many activities and so much time available to us that we can use this time period positively while helping lessen the spread of the virus. I hope y’all find my video helpful in doing just that, watch below!

A Day In My Life At Home:

A few answers to questions y’all asked me on Instagram regarding my day:

  • I use the HeadSpace app for meditation, I’ve tried a couple of different apps like Calm, Youtube for free meditation, there’s a few more but I found this one the easiest to use and the most effective for me. HeadSpace is offering FREE meditation for this month so utilize that for sure!
  • I use the Five Minute Journal by Intelligent Change that I bought online on their site, but you can do this yourself in a diary without having to buy anything. Write down 3 things you’re grateful for every morning and night, truly feel that gratefulness and you’ll feel the power in gratitude.
  • You can shop the “be you” top here: https://kpfitstyle.com/
  • Shop the Shampoo, Conditioner, and thickening mask here: https://www.cel.md/haircare/
  • The vegan bacon I eat is from Lightlife Foods and you can get it at Kroger!
  • The Peloton app, Tone It Up, and a few other workout apps are offering FREE workout access for this month so definitely use those for at home workouts!

By supporting each other in staying home and social distancing, we can come out of this faster and stronger than ever! If y’all have any other questions, my DM’s are open! 🙂


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