Alkaline Water Straight From The Tap

Hi beauties!

If you stay up to date with the latest trends on the internet then you’ll know that Alkaline water is the new thing everyone is talking about. And Alkaline water is absolutely amazing for you, it has a lot of benefits and after reading all about it I wanted to jump on it and try it out but paying $2.50 for a bottle of water? Not something I wanted to try. Thankfully Dafi USA & I found each other at the perfect time! Dafi sells products that filter regular tap water to alkaline water, they sell pitchers, filters, bidons, and filtering bottles that look great but the best part is they’re affordable!!

So the number one question I get when I tell people I drink alkaline water is why?

-The filter removes all traces of chlorine and odor from tap water

-Alkaline water reduces the acidity of the body, maintaining the proper pH in the body and is anti-aging too.

-Only one small Dafi Alkaline UP cartridges can replace up to 80 regular half-gallon water bottles saving 11 ounces of plastic waste!!

Benefits of alkaline water:

  • It’s glass and glass provides the highest quality water storage
  • Your water comes straight from the tap
  • Saves so much plastic!
  • 1 filter with activated carbon is able to replace up to 300 17 fl. oz. bottles from the store

If I had known about Dafi sooner, I would have used it a long long time ago but better late than never guys!! You can get anything on their site for 20% off with my code “fatimaaqil20%” and the website is linked here:


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