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Hello hello!

I am so excited to write this post & share my bedroom decor with y’all! I realized my love for decor and interior design when I moved out for college and got my own place. I loved the design process & was so in love with my apartment. When I moved back home I worked on decorating my room for 6-8 months and I’m finally done. I love how it came out, & it portrays my style and personality. I hope this is some good inspo!

Black and white is my thing, but I did want to add a little color to my room. The accent color is a deep purple, like a plum. So I have 2 long plum colored pillows, an accent chair that’s the same color, & a faux fur throw that’s almost the same color (thank you HomeGoods!) I also have all white bedding and furniture, since I just love white honestly.

Another thing I wanted to incorporate was my favorite cities in the world, so London being #1 is above my bed. It’s a black and white painting, with Big Ben painted in gold, so I added gold curtains and a gold shaggy rug in front of my bed to bring the whole look together. I also like reading so as you can see I keep all my books in my bedside table. & of course a candle, lol.

This is my favorite part of my room, my dressing table. I searched for this mirror for months in college because I just had a vision, and I found it after months of searching! This one’s from Pier 1 Imports, but I’ll have a similar one below. I have my daily essentials on my dressing table, nothing more, nothing less. All my fragrances, my favorite candles, & my jewelry. I love Jo Malone if you didn’t know already, & their boxes are just too gorgeous not to have as decor.

Okay so this part of my room is right across my bed. I was going to make this wall into a gallery wall, but I just loved the way it looked like this. I work from home a lot so having a desk was a necessity, & my wall art is my favorite part. On the right I have my degree framed, and under it a frame that says "love strong, worry less, and laugh often." & the wall art I have above my desk is just 3 things that are really truly me – "oh the places we’ll go" I wish they had a world map but this one was cute haha, "girlboss" because I work really hard and get shit done, and of course a Louboutin shoe resting on a bunch of fashion books. & a simple gold "love" because I believe in love 🙂 On my desk is just a bunch of work stuff, & a candle (essential). This chair I had to hunt down too, it has gold brushed metal on the legs and it just matched so perfectly with my gold accents on my desk!

The Paris canvas art is one I had in my living room in my apartment in San Antonio, and it fit perfectly in that little corner. It also ties in with the gold accents, & the frame on the far right is NYC, because who doesn’t love NY? These are also my bathroom doors in case anyone is wondering.

Everything I have in my room has significance behind it, and is so totally me. I put my heart into decorating and designing how I wanted it to look, after all it’s my sanctuary. If you have any questions or need any help decorating your own space, I always answer emails 🙂 OH & thank you to everyone who voted on my Instagram poll, I like how y’all can vote on exactly what y’all want to see! Have a great weekend my friends, xo.



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