Being Confident & Unapologetically You

Today I wanted to touch on the topic of being confident in who you are, and being unapologetically yourself. Whether it’s in the way you dress, whether you’re introverted or a people person, whether you’re the one whose different amongst every crowd there’s no shame in being YOU. Especially if it makes you happy, if it does no harm, and makes you feel confident then you do you.

For me, dressing up and always being put together is MY thing. I have no shame in wanting to get up everyday and wear a styled outfit that I feel good in, because to me when I dress up I feel good, I feel confident. For some people it may be found in other things, but there’s no shame in being yourself. Doing what you love, and being unapologetically you.

I often times get asked why do you dress up? Why can’t you just bum out? Why do you always have to worry about looking good? & honestly it’s because it’s how I’ve always been, and I’ve faced hate and judgement for it my entire life, but at the end of the day if it’s what makes me happy and it doesn’t harm anyone around me, then I don’t think it’s anything bad. In fact, I think it’s something I would be inspired from, when I was growing up and I saw women dressed nicely, put together, like my Mom for example, I used to look up to that and want to be like her. And for me, changing isn’t an option. I don’t see the value in changing yourself for anyone, you should be accepted for who you are, loved for who you are, and never be brought down for being you.

Its all about perspective, if you see people as unique individuals who are all different and respect their individuality, you’ll see there’s beauty in being different.

Always respect people for who they are, even if they’re nothing like you. Xo


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