Black Owned Fashion, Beauty, & Home Businesses To Support

Hi my friends!

With everything going on in the world, it’s important to know that Black Lives Matter is not in the moment, it is a movement, and we have open our eyes to support our black friends, neighbors, family, brothers and sisters, and stop seeing in color. We have to realize that we are one race, the human race, and that there is no difference between black lives or white. With that being said, brands in the fashion and beauty industry that are black owned are countless, numerous, and I cannot believe I haven’t come across them before this! Like I said there are numerous brands so I’ll link some instagram posts that share tons more but here’s some that I shared & more, not only are they chic but so affordable as well, and y’all know I love sharing affordable brands with y’all!


Small Needs –

Riot Swim-

We Thrift Yo –

Monrowe NYC –

Local European –

Brother Vellies –

Let Petit Organic (kids) –

Nubian Skin –

Two Days Off Clothing –

Amber Richele –

Island Tribe –

Kahmune –

Jade Swim –



Mahnal –

Oma The Label –




Rosen Skincare –

Epara Skincare –

Pear nova –



Elan Byrd –

Our Lovely Goods –

Linoto –

54Kibo –

Offerings –

Nom –

Dennistonn House –

Black Pepper Paperie Co. –

These are truly just a small fraction of the numerous brands out there. In addition to supporting these amazing brands, we have to continue to educate ourselves and especially if you’re South Asian, we need to unlearn the rhetoric that’s been in regular dialogue, using offensive words, looking down upon human beings because of how “fair” they are, there is a lot of work to be done.

Let me know if you guys need more recommendations or if you find any brands that you want me to share I would love to!


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