Blueberry Mint, Basil, & Ginger Virgin Mojito

Hi loves!

Continuing my summer mocktail series, today I’m sharing a refreshing drink that’s so easy to make and so good!! You can watch me make this drink on my Instagram Stories highlights under “mocktails”

I love ginger in my drinks but I find when I grate them they come in the way when I drink my drink so I prefer ginger beer or ginger ale (both non alcoholic). You can use club soda, sparkling water, flavored sparkling water, anything you want and it’ll taste just as good.

Quarantine times have made all of us have green thumbs so if like me, you’ve also started a herb garden, then basil is a must! I love basil in everythinggg, especially my drinks. I got my plant from Whole Foods but you can find them anywhere. I got the coconut sugar from Trader Joe’s its healthier for you and tastes so good!


– 1 tsp. Coconut Sugar

– 1 Lime’s juice

– handful of mint

-handful of basil

-handful of blueberries

-1-2 bottles of Reed’s Ginger Beer (I like the extra ginger kind)


1. Muddle the mint and basil leaves with the blueberries and lime in your glasses

2. Add a tsp. Of coconut sugar

3. Add in your ginger beer

4. If you want it more sour, squeeze more lime juice in.

5. Stir well and you’re done!

Super easy to make and refreshing!


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