Bridal Skincare & Fragrance

Hi Beauties!

Skincare and Fragrance are some of my favorite products to indulge in, and as a bride skincare is so important to me and I have found the best products to give me the bridal glow as a bride and if you’re not one it’s going to work for you as well! Also sharing some of my favorite fragrances and the most special ones to wear on your wedding day, but I wear these on the daily too!


My skin type: Combination/Oily. 

As a bride, my biggest concern is my skin, and how to get that glow from within on my wedding day and after! Something I suffered from in the first part of my wedding being totally honest with y’all is a lot of fatigue and dullness due to traveling, change of climate, and just not being able to stick to my routine. Luckily I got a skin polish and facial right before my events to revive my skin but I want my skin to look that way without the treatments and really have a glow with and without makeup as a bride and after. I also want to share my favorite fragrances with y’all and what I wear everyday and will be wearing as a bride and after!

The products and routine I have now works so perfectly for me, and I actually shared some of these products on my Instagram story a few weeks ago but these are the best products for my skin and I feel confident and satisfied without makeup too now!


One of my favorite things in life is fragrance, & the one thing that makes them so valuable is the memories attached to each fragrance. When I use a perfume from a special time in my life, if I reapply I always reminisce and it’s such a good feeling, the same way I think a bride should pick a special fragrance for her big day so that when you apply it later on you’re brought back to the memory of that day and it’s always a special feeling. My signature fragrance is in the essentials and I’ll let y’all figure out which one it is 😉 but here’s a few of my favorites below!



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