Bridesmaids Proposal Boxes & How I Asked!

Hi my beauties!

These past few months have been absolutely crazy! I haven’t formally announced it on my blog since I did it on my Instagram, but I got engaged! I know it was super lowkey but I wanted some time to celebrate with my friends and family before announcing and I’m so glad I did. & being said, I had to pick my bridesmaids! This was the hardest thing I’ve had to do because of a few reasons some of them being:

  • Do I set a limit on how many?
  • Who would actually be there for me on my big day
  • Who do I have genuine friendships with that I know will last forever?
  • Do I pick girls I was once close to or just keep it to the present?
  • Do I even want bridesmaids?!

After processing all these thoughts in my head I decided on having 10 bridesmaids, all girls who are part of my past, present, and future, and my sister being my maid of honor.

I wanted to spoil them as I know they’ll be doing so much for me in the coming months, so I opted to make bridesmaids proposal boxes – not a very customary thing to do in the south asian wedding culture but, it’s fun so why not!

I got my inspiration from Pinterest and thought of how I’d like them to look and what the girls would love and use. So here’s the items I picked that y’all can get for your girls too!

  • Belvoir Rose & Elderflower Lemonade -sponsored
  • Love knot bracelets with a card titled “will you be my bridesmaid?”
  • Acrylic statement earrings
  • Bride tribe hair ties
  • Cards with personalized handwritten notes to each girl
  • Decal with their name on it
  • Mug (for maid of honor)
  • Rose gold earrings (made of honor)
  • Kendra Scott necklace (maid of honor)
  • Scratch off proposal card (maid of honor)

I have sooo much love for these girls, and I’m so beyond excited to have them by my side!

For my outfit, I wore a gorgeous white jumpsuit! So perfect for brunch, especially for the bride-to-be! I was comfortable, felt so chic and it was an effortless look. I paired it with my nude Loubs and Chanel!




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  1. March 22, 2019 / 2:51 pm

    so cute, Congrats again <333333333333

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