Cutting Toxic People Out Of Your Life & Sun Inspired Style

Hi my friends,

Since you all love me getting a little personal with y’all, let me tell y’all about the beauty of letting toxic people go. Cutting toxic people out of your life can be the hardest thing to do, and that’s because toxic people are usually manipulative too. They do everything in their power to tell you lies and keep you around, because they don’t value you. They like to play games, get you trapped in a cycle of constant doubt, and they never, and I mean never, change.

The smile I have on my face now, is the smile of a woman who knows her worth, who loves herself, and who knows what she deserves. This didn’t come easy, this was a long time coming,there was a time in my life where I was constantly brought down and stuck in a self doubt trend. Nothing you do right will ever be apparent in the eyes of a toxic person, but rather they’ll point out every little thing you do wrong and cause you to question things that never matter in the first place. The control, the mind games, the brain wash, the DOUBLE STANDARDS. oh my gosh the double standards, don’t even get me started. But you know what, you live and you learn. & for me, I was brought down hard, but when I got up I got up stronger than ever before. It’s about the sunshine after the rain, not the storm itself. I can’t tell you enough how good it feels when you finally stop giving those people a chance, and just do you. I won’t go too much into detail because once again, why give attention to people who aren’t worthy of it in the first place? But this is just to tell you if I can do it, you can too. Put yourself first, thrive in your life, you deserve the best and that’s exactly what you will get.

Phew, now onto the outfit!

Before this, I hated the color yellow, but I found a way to incorporate the color in my wardrobe and with lighter shades it worked so well! I think I also gravitated towards yellow because when I was in Chicago this past weekend and it was freezing, I missed the Sun so much hahah. I just want to say these are so comfortable, so chic, and SO affordable. The bag isn’t the Cult Gaia bag in case y’all were wondering, this is actually the Amazon dupe!

I feel like I should say this just because it’s important to know especially if you’re into fashion and style, the amount of money you spend on something doesn’t define whether it’s fashionable or not. I never have and never will spend $300 on a straw bag that is just a trend piece, it’s just a stupid purchase to make for me. Being rich does not make you fashionable, having a sense of style does. Sometimes you can get a designer bag and not even know how to carry it well – but don’t just buy anything for show, buy it because you truly love the item and it’s worth your money. With that being said, this bag ranges from $20-$40 depending on the size, I got the large but I definitely recommend going for a small or medium because it is a little too big.

This is definitely going to be a go to outfit for me this season, I’ve also worn these pants with all black too, throw on a leather jacket and it’s night time perfection. For something this affordable, being able to wear it in different ways is everything.

& just a little sidenote, I announced my biggest collaboration with a HUGE makeup brand on myInstagram!! I would love if you guys can make it to the event I’m hosting with my super talented blogger babe, Tasha Hass. If not, we’d loveee for y’all to donate to the cause and support in spirit. I’ll leave the Gofundme link below (which will tell you what the event is all about too!)

Thanks for reading as always my beauties, happy shopping!



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