Daal {Lentil Soup} Recipe

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I’ve been posting recipe’s on Instagram stories for a while but so many of y’all always ask me where to find previous recipes etc. and sometimes its hard to follow along stories so I’m going to start posting the recipe’s here on my blog so y’all can refer back to them!

p.s. this cover image is not mine, I was way too hungry by the end of this to take a photoshoot with my Daal LOL so thank you Pinterest!

Daal, or lentil soup, is a staple food but there’s so many different variations and kinds so this kind is Daal Gosht that’s paired with white rice. I mixed 3 different kind’s of Daal to get the kind I make, and this is my Grandmother (Nani’s) recipe so you can alter however you’d like! We loved the way it turned out. I’ll also include some tips I got from you all on Instagram at the bottom for reference too 🙂



-Masoor Daal: 1/2 cup

-Moong Daal: 1/2 cup

-Chana Daal: 1/2 cup

^mix all 3 of these daal’s to get the kind of daal I’m making

-2 Yellow Onions

-2 Roma tomatoes

-2 tbs. Ginger

-2 tbs. Garlic

-1 tsp. Red Chili Powder (I also used fresh green chili’s so either/or)

-1 tsp. Turmeric Powder

-1.5 tsp. Roasted Cumin + Coriander (dhaana zeera)

-1 tbs. Salt (will need to add more throughout according to taste)

-1.3lbs Meat of choice – we did goat with bones

For The Tarka:

-Handful of Curry Leaves

-3-4 Red Button Chili’s (dried)

-2-3 cloves garlic chopped

-Olive Oil

-1 tbs Cumin



*we marinated the meat in fresh ginger+garlic overnight so you don’t need any extra if you’re doing this!

1. Boil the Daal (once all 3 are mixed) in water and then throw that water away: this is to remove the starch and “foam” that’ll appear on top when you boil. Prevents indigestion!

2. Chop your onion, tomatoes, and get all your spices ready to fry together.

3. Fry all of your spices together for about 5 minutes.

4. Add in the meat and fry it with the spices for about 10 minutes.

5. At this point, put your boiled daal (should be rinsed and in a bigger pot) in a pot and combine the meat + spices with the daal.

6. Once you combine your spice mix with the meat with the daal, add enough water to cover the meat and daal because this is when your meat is going to cook, it should look like a soup at this point.

7. You’re going to let this boil for 30-45 minutes checking periodically to make sure the meat is cooking. Make sure to cover your pot!

8. So this is the hard part, I messed up on this so be careful not to make the mistake I did – once most of the water is evaporated and your meat is cooked, separate your meat from the daal (just put it into a bowl for the time being) and you’re going to use a hand blender (linking mine below it’s on sale!) and you’re going to use the pulse function to basically blend your daal. I overdid it and it got too creamy so you want to do this for maybe 15-20 seconds and that’s it! If you like your daal’s consistency to be thin, you might not even need to do this step. I like mine thick so I did this!

9. Once your daal is blended, add your meat back in and put it on low heat. You’re going to prepare the tarka now which is the KEY step to getting your daal to taste good!

Tarka Steps:

1. Chop 2-3 Garlic cloves

2. Wash and dry your Curry Leaves (make sure its REALLY dry, otherwise the oil will splatter.)

3. Get 3-4 dried red button chillies out.

4. 1 tbs. Cumin, if you like more add more!

5. Heat up your oil in a small pan, you need quite a lot but I didn’t measure this out I just put enough to coat the leaves and have extra oil.

6. Add in all the ingredients to the oil, make sure you’re stirring it.

7. Once you can smell the blend, you can pour it on top of the Daal (I noticed my garlic was turning brown and that’s when I stopped it).

8. When you pour on top of your Daal, COVER IT. Cover the pot ASAP because you want the scent to immerse in your daal.

9. Then you want to mix it all in, and it’s ready!

I made a little side salad to go with it, and made white rice which I topped off with fried onion and it was so delish! Also add lemon to your daal when you’re serving it because it is so good!



Here’s all of your recommendations via Instagram:

-Make sure to give it tarka, makes the dish taste 100x better

-Crush a little dry methi into it near the end

-No salt til the end. Soak the lentils even for an hour beforehand

-Make it with love!

-Don’t over boil the daal. It’s super quick and chop bigger onions for a super good flavor!

-Be careful with the amount of water you add, add enough!

-Add imli chutney to it!


Tried a few of those and some I didn’t but nonetheless I appreciate your recs! 🙂


Hope y’all liked this, I’ll be trying out more Pakistani food soooon so follow me on Instagram @fatimaqil to keep up! XO.


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