Throwing My Sister A Dior Themed Bridal Shower


I have got so many requests to share details of the bridal shower I threw my sister this weekend and here it all is! The theme was Dior because my sister is a true Dior lover so I opted to recreate the Dior Cafe for the shower and this was the first event I threw where I decided to have 0 things sponsored, and solely because I wanted 100% creative freedom to hire who I wanted to make my vision come to life, so naturally I worked with the best I could find along with a lot of DIY to bring it together. To watch the behind the scenes video, click here. To see the entire thing come to life, watch it here. To see the images and posts of the shower on IG, click here.

Starting off with the backdrop, Zain and our friends made these white arches for another event earlier this year so we used them as the base of my sisters balloon garland and I hired @mostofevents to create this gorgeous garland with a white rose bouquet in the middle, and I hired my go to girl @weavesandbowstx to make this custom vinyl that read, “if you adore her, Dior her” that she perfected as well.

The saying comes from the infamous Tik Tok unboxing and my sister is big on Tik Tok so I had to use that phrase for the backdrop!

For the tablescape and plates I wanted to keep it fairly simple and do a lot of green/white faux garlands with baby’s breath in the middle along with fine china with gold accents, proper gold flatware, and Toile Du Jouy details. I took the Toile Du Jouy print from Dior for the menu and basically created this gorgeous menu with my sister’s help and then custom water bottle labels with “madame, mademoiselle, and monsieur” followed by the guests names for 2 reasons, 1. people always forget which water bottle was theirs, so to omit that confusion we added names, and 2. it looked really nice and tied into the experience of the shower. The ghost chairs elevated the look in my opinion and I got white bistro umbrellas to recreate that Parisian, holiday type of vibe + it was extremely hot so they were lifesavers in the end!


The pool balloons were DIY and I just ordered really really big balloons from amazon and had them blown up with helium and weighed down into the pool, easiest DIY ever!

For the food table, I didnt want to do a dessert table because although we had 3 different desserts it was hot and I didn’t want the desserts to melt, so I opted just to do a food table and set it up to make that entirely Toile Du Jouy so it stood out, so the table cover was blue, I got Dior Toile print boxes from Etsy for decor, faux cascading greenery along with faux white florals, and buffet risers for height and dimension and voila, we have a gorgeous food table that not only looks good but tasted good too.

Food was entirely my moms department and she killed it with the menu, we ordered mediterannean from my sister’s favorite restaurant, Fadis. We got rice from an Afghani restaurant that was delicious, pastries and rolls from Cillie’s, and the cake was custom made with Toile Du Juoy print along with gold details from @thecakestopbzb on IG!

& of course the bridal shower games, we kept it kind of simple and I had my friend @weavesandbowstx custom make them with the Toile Du Jouy background and game templates! Turned out super cute!

For my sisters outfit, her jumpsuit was Lulu’s and her blazer was Dior, paired with her Dior Nano and Amina Muaddi Begum’s and my dress was Ted Baker 🙂 you can shop all of the items below!



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