Eid Decor & Party Planning

Hi my beauties,

I can’t believe there’s less than 10 days left of Ramadan, 7 for me, but Eid is coming soo soon and I wanted to share how I planned this year’s Eid party and the decor for the event with y’all in case y’all wanted to order the same gorgeous decor! 🙂

Let me start with the decor since it’s hands down my favorite of all 4 year’s that I’ve planned my family Eid party! I kindly got sent these pieces by Eidparty.co.uk, a company that primarily does Eid decor and ships worldwide and SO fast! The best part that we all love is that it’s super affordable, I placed the order on a Saturday and by Monday I had my package, so not only is it fast but the product is stunning.

You can find them on Instagram @eidparty.co.uk and on www.eidparty.co.uk.

I opted for white & gold table decor since it went with the banner, and I love how it turned out! Check out their page for more colors/decor. Also how CUTE are my nieces mA!! They made this shoot so much fun and I couldn’t deal with the cuteness!! mAx100 lol


Now onto the planning bit, so I took up planning the Eid party for my family and friends about 4 years ago because in America it’s so hard for it to feel like Eid unless there’s a party or gathering, and it’s hard to get everyone in 1 place if we’re all invited to different places so I thought why not host a huge party and have everyone be there.

What I do is I book a restaurant hall, have them do a buffet and give me a per head rate, and then create a invite and have everyone pay per head. Setting a deadline for receiving payments is key because that way you can pay the restaurant ahead of time to ensure your booking is safe and I start inviting the first week of Ramadan so that everyone can mark their calendars too.

I organize the invites on excel with each family that’s invited and how many per head. For kids and adults I make 2 different columns because that will keep their per head rates separate too, and then as I get payments I make sure to record it in excel so that the day of so I know whose payed and who hasn’t. Luckily this year I had no problems and the planning and organizing, it went so smooth 🙂

A lot of the questions I get is, what if someone doesn’t pay? Won’t it look bad that it’s a per person payment? What if extra people show up that haven’t paid? The answer to all of this is, it’s happened. The first year and a few others I dealt with it, and you can’t really do anything about extra people showing or people not paying and coming, it’s just something I hope doesn’t since it’s all family but as far as the “wont it look bad” part, I just think that’s ancient thinking lol.

I hope you all found this useful and have a amazing Eid with your friends/family! I’m going to be doing a Eid makeup look on my Instagram story soon so definitely check that out soon! 🙂


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