Fall Transitional Look + Forgiveness

Hi my loves!

I am so excited it’s finally almost Fall! Not really weather wise for us here in TX, but it is mid August soooo…

I absolutely love anything flowy, and these pants are so different but make a statement so thank you to my sister for letting me style and wear these! I like to think of these as, "business in the front, party in the back" since they’re tailored pants and then a flowy skirt in the back, and guess where they’re from? AMAZON. I also recently joined the Amazon Influencer program so you can shop all of my looks through my Amazon shop which I will link below, as well as shop them from Liketoknow.it. The thing I love about shopping on Amazon fashion is that its all mostly available through prime and it’s so affordable! So definitely check out the link below to shop my amazon looks, I have a fall lookbook on there too so 🙂 I paired the pants with a white bell sleeve blouse, and a white bag to match that.

I also wanted to use this post to talk about forgiveness, something I used to have a hard time doing since I am a Scorpio and we tend to hold grudges. Since I learned about the beauty in forgiveness and changed my mindset on it I’ve been so much happier and wanted to share my thoughts on it.

The turning point for me on forgiveness was when I needed to be forgiven. We’re all human, we all mess up, we wouldn’t be in this world if we weren’t faced with trials and tribulations so to move past mistakes and learn from them is what life is all about, but to do so you have to forgive/be forgiven.

I had to recently learn to forgive, and not because the person apologized but for my own sanity. When someone hurts you you constantly think about it, especially when you’re mad about it. But if you forgive them the power they hold to make you feel that way is gone, you feel more at peace, and they no longer have any effect on you. There was a time when I was telling my best friend about something, venting, and she said you know what just forgive them, if Allah (SWT) can forgive who are we not to? & that hit me. If we ask God for forgiveness and He can forgive, who are we as humans not to forgive people? After all, forgiveness is a form of love.



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