Finding Your Person

Hi my loves!

Someone once told me about finding your person and the beauty in having a "person." What is someone you call your person? Who is your person?

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Your person is the individual who you can tell anything to, you can trust them without thinking twice, you can count on them no matter what, the person you care for the most and who cares for you the most back, the person you can’t live without and they cant live without you. Your person will always be there when you need them, they’re the person you go to first for any and everything, they’re the ones who a day doesn’t go by without talking to them, and if it does you feel the void. They’re the one that you can’t imagine your life without whether they’re in your life or not. They’re the person that would never hurt you intentionally, and if they do they hurt too. That is your person.

It doesn’t have to be a boyfriend or girlfriend, a husband or wife, a lover, it can be anyone, but your person will remain your person no matter where they are in the world, because that is your person.

Whether we talk once a day or once a month, my person will pick up if I call, because they are the one person who truly gets you. My person knows me inside out, what decisions I make, what I think, how I think, my person’s there for me if I need them because that’s just how it is. & no matter where life takes us, no one can replace my person. My person is always making me laugh, always giving me advice that’s hard to hear, I may not want to hear, but I have to hear. My person tells me which pictures are good or bad, whether I look fat or if my double chin shows, LOL the struggle y’all. My person is not only my person but a confidant. & my person always comes back no matter how far they’ve gone, because that’s just how it works. & like I said, no matter where my person goes, or what my person does, or if my person is in my life 10 years from now or not, my person will remain my person, but my person is irreplaceable.

So how do you find your person? You don’t. You just realize who it is once you meet them. You don’t even have to have ONE person, you can have multiple that know you in different ways and different lights. Most of the time it is a significant other because naturally that’s who you’re most comfortable with, but it can even be a stranger you meet and randomly click with who becomes your person. A best friend, a childhood friend, a family member, anyone. There’s no rules to finding one because they’re usually always in your life. If not, they come into your life somehow and you just feel it.

Of course I’m not going say a name, but my person knows who they are, and they’re probably reading this right now 🙂




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