Home Decor Series – The Living Room

Hi friends!

Since Zain & I have a place together and got it a few months in advance, we started decorating to make it feel and look like home and I have absolutely loved the process! One thing that’s been really important to me is to build our home together with both of our inputs so that it reflects both mine and Zain’s personality. I told y’all on Instagram that Zain & I have totally different styles, and we both kept an open mind when decorating to create the perfect balance of our taste’s and how we wanted our place to look.

To start off, for our first place together especially since I’m not living there yet we decided to get a cozy, intimate place but it’s still spacious enough for 2 people. Our living room was the most fun because it has plants, it has color, and it has a little bit of contemporary modern pieces while still having woods, a little bit of culture, and a cozy feel.

We changed the look from the time we started til now, and we’re going to keep adding pieces and replacing some of the stuff we have now but we want to take it slow and really invest in pieces we know we’ll love and use for a long time so I’ll update y’all with those changes as we go but here’s a before image of what it used to look like and an after since we changed up the setting & the rug.

Since our tree is up too I wanted the theme for the tree to be neutrals, a modern farmhouse type of feel, I got all of the ornaments and decor for the holidays from At Home and it’s so perfect with our living room! I’ll link all my tree decor for y’all too and my tree is from Amazon, so inexpensive and easy to assemble so I’ll link that for y’all too 🙂


(excuse the mess this is the only before picture I could find ahaha)


Changed up the setting to have our accent chairs facing each other. Bought this rug from Wayfair and it’s on sale for $50 right now! Frames are from Desenio, and the prints inside are from Etsy & Desenio as well. Got this blanket from Target and it is so comfy and cozy as well, the planter is from Home Goods and compliments our colors perfectly! I’ll link all the decor I can find so y’all can shop it below 🙂

The Tree


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