Home Decor- The Bedroom

Hi loves!

Finally sharing the final room in our first home together, the bedroom. Like the living room, the bedroom has changed so much and I’m finally 100% happy with it now that it’s complete. I’ll share a quick before so y’all can see the after too.


Initially, I shared that Zain and I found a middle ground with our style by incorporating his favorite, woods, with my favorite, whites. After a lot of Pinterest inspo we found a happy medium for our style with this light and airy, modern boho style where we have a lot of white and browns with modern touches of gold and white. All of our sheets are from Cotton Candy Linens’s started by my friend in Pakistan! Such amazing quality and so comfortable. I wash them weekly and there’s no wear whatsoever. The brown throw is from Lulu’s online and it’s not the best quality but it works for decor! Got it on sale a long time ago.

Above the bed we have line art that we got from Desenio, our side table is actually a step stool that we saw decorated as a side table from Ikea on Instagram so we took inspiration and did the same since it matched the bed frame. The other side table is a round small table also from Ikea, and we use that as a place to put our books since our little reading nook is there. Our diffuser is from The Pilgrim Collection & we love how perfectly it matches our room + how relaxing it is.

For the nook, we had been searching for months for the perfect chair. Zain came across this one on Target’s page and we went to see it in person and ended up buying it right then! Because now he has to work from home and needed a chair for his desk anyway, this was perfect for a nook and a chair for his desk for the time being. The gold lamp is from HomeGoods!

The ledge we also got from Desenio and we wanted to style it differently but for now, this is what we have going and we’re pretty okay with it. When we move we’ll definitely change the style up. Under the ledge we have a makeshift desk since Zain is working from home for the time being. The desk is from Ikea and we use the same chair for the nook for when he’s working, it’s comfortable and easily replaceable for the future. We’re hoping that the next place we get we’ll have room for 2 desks.

The mirror is from HomeGoods as well and the Pampas Grass I actually custom ordered from Etsy. The vase for it is from Hobby Lobby!

We also have some of our own artwork we created, this painting is from Pinot’s Palette that we made on our first valentines day together.

Our apartment finally feels like a home, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! I’ll link everything I can down below so y’all can shop. Hope y’all liked how it turned out as well! Xo.



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