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Hi friends!

I’m finally done decorating our place and I’m so excited to share it all with you, you can shop similar items to what I have down below but first up is the kitchen. My personal decor vibes are really white, crisp, light, with earthy tones and because this isn’t a home I built of course I couldn’t pick out the tones so I made it work with what our place already had and incorporated some of my style with what the interior already was.

Starting with the island, I looked on Pinterest my go to place for inspo and put this together, it has a vase with some faux wheat in it as the center which I occasionally switch out for fresh blooms, a candle from Rituals that we love burning, another candle with a glass cloche I got from Crate & Barrel, a candle that matched the white and brown tones I got from HomeGoods,  and a center piece we received as a wedding gift along with a Rose & Oud diffuser. Can you tell I love candles?! I burn them daily every evening and love the relaxed home feeling it gives. All of this is actually on a bamboo cutting board that we only use for decor and it goes great with the decor in the back. We also chose faux leather bar stools for the island because we loved the vibe it gave to the place and got these from HomeGoods too.

By the sink we have another earth toned vase for our bamboo plant that we got from Hobby Lobby, and next to it a round Lazy Susan with a few cooking utensils, salt and pepper, and 2 types of oils we use for cooking. I got the Lazy Susan from Target, the Utensil vase is actually one we got a bouquet in but reused for this, and the oil bottles from HomeGoods too.

On the other side of the stove we have our wooden plate holder that I love, got inspo to put these out from Pinterest too and got ours from Amazon and next to it our Sugar and Tea canisters that I got from Hobby Lobby too. Behind it another bamboo cutting board (this one we actually use lol) and then the rest of the appliances match the silver and black in our kitchen. I got this cook book recently and am LOVING the recipes, they’re healthy and so easy to make so I have that out where I can easily reach it and follow. And these appliances we use on the daily so we have them out where we can use them and they’re silver and black to match the rest of the kitchen.

That’s it for the kitchen y’all! I worked with the space we have to incorporate my style the best I could and I love it! Hopefully as we grow, the kitchen decor will grow and I can’t wait to share it all with y’all then too, but you can shop all the pieces below! Xo.



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