Home Decor Update: Our Bedroom

Hi my friends!

If you havent been following me for a while, then let me get y’all up to speed with what’s been happening. In August 2020 Zain & I  moved to our first apartment together- the place I moved to after our wedding in December Zain was already living in for 6 months so I didnt get to really make it a home, but this place we were ecstatic about because it was our first real place together moving in and setting up and for me, decorating! We kept a lot of the stuff we had but also got all new stuff and if you’re following me on @fatimaqilhome on IG then you’ll know we have a dining area now that I do tablescapes on seasonally, switched up our living room furniture, DIY’d our 8ft long home office desk + home office decor, and finally the bedroom.

I wanted to start sharing everything one by one starting with the bedroom because not only am I most proud of this room but it truly combines my style and Zain’s style in 1 seamlessly and blends modern elements with Scandinavian style. I’ll link everything I can below so y’all can shop and get inspired too!





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