How I Chose My Educational Route & Major

Hi my friends!

When I was going into high school, I had no idea I was even supposed to think about college before I was a senior. At the time, a new high school opened up near me that wasn’t a ordinary high school, it was a "early college high school." I had no idea what that meant but I went to an information session and thought, why not try it out?

What is a early college high school?

It’s a high school where there are no extracurricular activities, no sports, and only 100 students in your grade. You have to maintain a GPA, and finish all of your high school courses along with TWO YEARS of university & graduate with an Associate’s degree and a high school diploma. The admission process was really thorough. There was a full on application, an essay, letters of recommendations, and then a final interview with the Principle of the high school. I did all of the above, and I fell in love with the staff and the concept of the school. I was accepted, I took the Accuplacer (a college entrance exam) at the age of 14, yea I know, and I passed and was enrolled in Lonestar Community College at the same time I was a freshman in high school.

Going in as a freshman, I never thought it would benefit me as much as it ended up doing, but It was one hell of an experience. The teachers became mentors, we had "family" and we did a thing called "service" every Friday instead of class to give back to the community. It was an amazing way to do high school and by the time I was 18 I had been in the real world, done classes with university students, had professors that would guide me until I finished undergrad, and friends that shared the same experience. It was hard, it was all AP classes, and it was hard but so worth it.

Fast forward to my first semester of University at UTSA, I wasn’t a freshman technically because I had done by 2 years of Uni, so I was classified as a junior, and I was in classes with people years older than me. I knew going in I wanted to be a business major, I have an entrepreneurial spirit and love creating things (hence the content creator in me) so I took all of the classes I needed to get a feel of every single major in the school.

Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Information Systems, Statistics, Economics, everything. I originally started as an accounting major, I didn’t like the classes and I didn’t think I could do something I hated everyday of my life. Switched to an IS major, and UTSA has the best Cyber Security rep so I decided to to IS/IA (information systems, infrastructure assurance) but I couldn’t see myself behind a computer coding and being an analyst. So I spoke to some friends who had done Human Resources Management, had worked in the field, I did an internship at the top IT company in San Antonio called Rackspace and met VP’s of HR there, recruiters, interviewers, talent acquisition specialists, and found my niche.

I could genuinely see myself in their shoes and doing what they did every single day. I loved the classes too, so hands on and so much fun. The professors were accessible, approachable, and the friends I made through the major had so much in common with me.

So choosing my educational route wasn’t an easy one, I did it the nontraditional way and did what no normal 14 year old would do, but graduated with HR doing what I love to do everyday.

I think that’s the key thing to take away from this post, is that to choose your educational path is one that’ll stay with you forever. Your degree won’t ever depreciate, so choose what you want to invest your life in with a lot of thought and appreciation for the field. & I’m not done yet, there’s so much more I want to gain from the field, get certifications and a Master’s one day, there’s a million opportunities with education it’s just up to you to choose what will add value to your life and career!

If you’re curious about what I do in my full time career, you can check out the post before this one! 🙂



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