How I Learned To Be Happy

Hello my friends,

Over the past few months I’ve always had people in my life say "how do you look so happy?" or "how do you stay so optimistic and positive?" & I’m going to share with y’all what exactly I did to start radiating happiness and a positive outlook in all aspects of my life.

I strongly believe that society is a driving factor of why we’re all so unhappy all the time. When you have something as powerful as the internet in this age, it really does impact your life. You’re constantly thinking about what you want to look like, or things you don’t have that you wish you could have because other people have them. You think about what people are going to say about you, you care so much about what the world has to say that you forget to live your life. I have done all of the above, and I made a conscious effort to stop doing it.

When 2018 started I went through all of my social media channels, I made a new Snapchat to start fresh, I cleaned up my Facebook and Twitter, and Instagram was my biggest cleanse. I unfollowed people, I stopped thinking about "will this person be offended if I don’t follow them?" & I decided to just do me. I strongly believe in vibes and if someone doesn’t give me a good vibe, that speaks volumes. So a social media detox helped me feel so much better about the content I post knowing that I have true genuine people following me and I am doing the same, following people I am truly connecting with who give me the best of vibes and inspiration.

I also believe in the Law of Attraction, and I think if you believe something you can make it happen. I did just that. I told myself, I’m happy, and that my happiness lies in no one else but myself. I not only did this, but I do religiously fill out my Five Minute Journal as well, which instills gratitude in your daily life. It forces you to think about what you’re thankful for and that has honestly helped so much too. I think doing what makes you happy without caring about what other people think is the biggest weight off of your shoulders, when you know you’re being genuine you get the same back, genuine people in your life. I stopped thinking about what people would think of me, and focused on how I viewed myself, & that’s made the biggest impact in my optimism. If someone doesn’t like me, that’s fine. If someone has something to say about me behind my back, the sin is all theirs. I know exactly what I am and what my worth is, and no one can justify that but me. You have the power to say that to yourself and speak into existence!

I started to focus more on becoming a better person for myself rather than what I wanted to show others. Social media creates such a false dynamic and I felt like if I am truly going to be a better person it’ll radiate through my content anyway, and I feel like that’s what it’s done. When I started blogging I was always trying to keep up with others, & now being myself I find that I’m not only able to engage and connect with more people that are just like me, but the people who aren’t automatically just fall out of my life.

I am honest with myself. If I know someone or something is wrong, I don’t hold back anymore. The old me would have held my tongue and bottled it in, because again, "what will they say" would always go through my head, but I learned that when you stand up for yourself and what you believe in, and you stand your ground and stay real, you not only gain respect from others but you can hold your head high knowing you’re being real to yourself and to the world.

& the one thing I never forget to do is thank God. All praise to the most high, always.


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