How I Pack For A International Trip

Hi loves!

Since I am traveling abroad this week I put up a poll on my Instagram story and 98% wanted to know how I pack so I’m going to share some tips + tricks I’ve learned from other bloggers over the years and from my own experience that’s worked too.

I am by no means a minimalist, especially when it comes to traveling because I want to make sure I have everything and more for my stay. I like to take extra options of tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes, hair care, skincare, every single thing. I’ve tried to be a minimalist for domestic travel and I still end up over packing so I’ve just kind of given up on that but I have figured out ways I can make sure that everything I pack will come in handy.

First off, I check the weather. I like to make sure I’m packing appropriately for the weather because #1, if it’s cold, I have to layer. I’m from TX and my winter wear is not actually warm, so I have to make sure I’m taking things that I can layer but can look cute too. If I’m going somewhere hot, I pack lots of thin material, but make sure I take a few extras of everything just in case. Mostly dresses, high waisted pants, things I can wear in different ways so that I can pack light, but make use of it all.

For this trip, I’m going to be in the transition of Summer to Fall so I’m getting lucky. I made sure to pack warm clothes, but cute summer clothes that I can layer as well in case it gets cold, and yes it doesn’t look as presentable as it would if you fold but efficiency over aesthetic 🙂


– I’m sure y’all have heard this numerous times but rolling clothes saves so much space, and I swear it does. Ever since I started rolling clothes I can take 2x more things with me, I say this from experience haha.

TIP #2: Hand Carry Essentials

-In my hand carry, I make sure I have essential items I’ll need that I can use in-flight, as well as make sure I have extras of clothes, hair/skincare, and a warm item in case my checked bag is late, or something happens where I won’t have my clothes right away. I love reading in flight so I take my favorite book (this one is my go to!) and a sweater, an extra purse, and a coat that I have in the other compartment as well as an extra pair of shoes too.

TIP #3: Plan your outfits

-I got this little weekly outfit planner from TJ Maxx and It is so useful! I recommend either taking pictures of the outfits paired together laid flat that you know you’ll look at, or just writing it out in a planner like this and taking it with you so you’re never stuck on what to wear.

TIP #4: Personal Item Packing

-I always take a Longchamp with me when I travel since they’re so durable and fit the whole world inside, so whatever I can’t fit in my hand carry that’s an essential I always put in my purse. All my travel documents, my wallet, my lens/glasses case, extra makeup, anything I need that I need easy access to is what goes in my purse.

TIP #5: Over packing or Shopping

-When I pack I also like to think of all the shopping I’m going to do in the city I’m visiting. So keeping this in mind, I like to take things that I know if I have to leave behind it won’t kill me. I also like to pack things I can wear multiple times in different ways like for example a blazer, or a shirt, or accessories. You can style them 2-3 different ways and it won’t be hard to re-wear and it saves space!

TIP #6: Color Code Your Suitcase

-This is so easy to do, if you put all your colored items in one area of your bag when you’re packing, and the neutrals on one side, you’ll see how much extra stuff you’re packing and it’s easy to take things out that way. If there’s a pair of black jeans you already put in, you’ll take the black slacks out because you can wear jeans dressy/casual. If you have a white shirt you’re packing and a flare sleeve white shirt, you’ll take out one of them because it’s practically the same thing. In that sense, it’s easy to be minimal because it’s easy to style these pieces to fit different occasions.

I hope this helps those of you who are traveling and gives y’all a little more insight on how to pack to where you can bring a lot by packing smart 😉



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