How I Stay Motivated At Home + More

Hi friends!

Something I know a lot of struggle with is how to find motivation to do anything at home. I can completely understand because although most of my work is done from home, I used to venture out to different parts of the city to shoot content and that’s something I miss so much.

One thing that’s really helped me that I know has helped a lot of us girls is getting ready in the morning. I’m not saying do a full on glam makeup look but doing your hair and applying some makeup really helps you feel ready, and like you’re “ready” to work.

Having a dedicated workspace is really important too. My workspace is my kitchen island, I like the height and the bigger desk space and sitting on a bar stool helps my posture as well. If you’d rather have a desk and chair, do that!

I always light candles when I work, have some instrumental music playing, I love setting a mood to work productively.

Another thing that really helps is getting dressed, wear your sweats but maybe throw on some jewelry to elevate your style and feel more put together. These little things can really make a difference!

For my job, content creation is key. Because I’m unable to go to different locations to shoot, I have to tap into my creativity and figure out ways to shoot from home. Lately, I’ve been using the sun! The golden hour glow really helps with my images and I’ve been using different props in my images like for some I use my pampas grass, my bed, etc.

I know it’s really hard for a lot of us to adapt but doing a few of these things everyday can help your productivity and can motivate you to get stuff done and be more innovative too!



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