How I Transformed My Wedding Outfit & Redesigned It

Hi my friends!

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that my little sister’s wedding happened a few months ago and I was able to redesign my own wedding outfit to make 3 different outfits out of 1, as well as a few new designer pieces I bought for her other events, but for those of you who are wondering how I redesigned it, the process, the before and after, bookmark this post!

Ladies, we spend so much time, effort, and money on our wedding outfits, especially if you’re South Asian you know those outfits are show stopping. But how often do we rewear them? We let them sit and collect dust in our closets because they’re too heavy to wear again, or too formal and you don’t want to upstage the bride. My own bridal outfit was so heavy but it was my dream outfit, so I knew I wanted to use it again somehow, someway.

I went to the original designer, Republic Womenswear in Lahore, took the outfit back to Pakistan and they refused to redesign it for me, they said cutting the train was impossible and to just wear it as is. I took the outfit to numerous boutiques in Houston, where I got turned away for the same reasons. Then, we took the outfit to a bespoke designer in Karachi, Zahabia Bandukwala. She had done my outfit for my Pakistan wedding event and is really well known for her amazing designs and has been in the industry for over 25 years. With one look, she said yes to redesigning and we got to work.

All of the communication was via WhatsApp, I would send her inspo pictures, color palettes, we’d talk weekly and come up with ways to reuse the outfit. Most of the design expertise was all hers, but I knew I wanted it to be elegant, and timeless so I would be able to rewear in the future too.

The original gown — she was able to shorten my train and shorten the front bit of the gown to make it into a hi-lo top, and then use all of that lace and fabric on 2 other outfits. She didnt waste a single inch of fabric and she did an amazing job using it all.

My original gown:

After the redesign:


Outfits I made from the extra lace:


The outfit above was made from my actual train, it was rounded at the bottom anyway so it made sense to make a lehnga out of it. I was meant to pair it with the green net dupatta I wore with my actual gown that became hi-lo, but I loved it so much more with the original dupatta from my outfit and it’s easy to mix/match because the work is the same.

This is another outfit we made from the additional lace, I absolutely love the simplicity and elegance of this. The Dhaka pants make it statement, and the loose fit as well as the raw silk combo is so versatile + I can wear this so many different ways!


I honestly can’t decide which ones my favorite. So so obsessed.


Moral of the story: rewear your outfits, redesign, and make use out of what you already have to give your items a new life. If there’s a will, theres a way 😉





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