How To DIY A Fancy Picnic

Hi Friends!

Last week I organized a picnic for my sister’s birthday that was originally going to be done by a picnic company that’s here in Houston, they do gorgeous setups for picnics but they canceled due to COVID cases on the rise so I thought I’d DIY it and try to achieve a similar look with existing products I had + some trusted Amazon finds.

So here’s how I started, I pinterested a lot of images for inspiration, I know she likes it fancy and classy so that’s the look I tried to achieve while still keeping it boho/relaxed since it was outside. Then I started hunting.

Because the picnic was outdoors and TX is boiling, I wanted to keep the actual picnic food light since Dinner was after anyway, so we opted for this Charcuterie board by Bloomin’ boards, a new company here in Houston and it was delish! We ordered these boho placemats on Amazon, & a picnic basket with everything you need for a successful picnic including cutlery, plates, glasses, and storage space. I got linens and used some dried floral arrangements to make linen napkin rings that I tied with burlap string, and that added a classy detail to the setup. For florals we ordered this planter from Amazon, and got floral arrangements from our local craft store, and for pillows I grabbed my sofa cushions and made them work! Also for the picnic table we got lucky as the park had tables we were able to use that were the perfect size for a picnic table, but my backup was my coffee table! So if you can take your coffee table definitely do that if you can! The throw & table cover was what really added the classy elements since white always brightens things up, and I used the picnic basket as decor as well setting up my polaroid camera on top with Welch’s sparkling juices as the refreshment along with Topo Chico.

Gathering all of the items really took up most of the time but once I had everything in front of me, putting it together was SO easy! She loved how it turned out and so did all of you guys who follow me on Instagram!

For a more chill, less thorough and more casual picnic but with the same fancy look, you can do DIY it even further by just taking your picnic basket and a chic purse or so for decor elements, a white sheet (like I said white is the best for this look!), and a DIY charcuterie board – my friends and I went less fancy with the one we created and added some sour patch kids, chocolate, and brought chips and stuff as well to keep it casual, and that’s honestly all you need for the aesthetic!

This is an awesome way to celebrate any birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, etc. especially during COVID since picnics are intimate enough to social distance from the public and you do it all so the only thing you really need is food and beverage.

For my outfit, this dress + visor are from H&M and I couldn’t find them online but i’ll link similar options below! A hack I used to look effortlessly chic is: Buy dresses a few sizes up for a flowy look & always buy neutrals. I got this dress in a XXL and I love how airy it was, the belt made it to where I could tie it to give myself some shape, but overall so comfortable and effortless. I love the chain detail on this visor as well, elevated my look instantly while protecting my face from the sun.

If you guys have any questions please let me know! I’d love to help y’all out with any picnics you’re planning anytime soon!





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