How To Get Rid Of Negativity

Hi my beauties,

I hope y’all had a great weekend and have an even better week ahead of you. Eid Mubarak in advance to all of my Muslim readers, I hope y’all have a fun celebration! Today I wanted to talk about how to get rid of negativity because I feel like since I put myself out there, people are so quick to judge and cause SO much negativity in life. I am sensitive so even the little stuff gets to me, but I’ve learned how to get rid of it and it’s pretty simple.

I’ve learned that not everyone has the same heart as you, and that unless people actually talk to me they won’t know who I am or what I am actually like besides what I show on social media. So for those of you who think I am stuck up, bitchy, or unapproachable or intimidating, come talk to me. I absolutely love meeting and talking to people, DM me, email me, I swear I won’t bite. I did a whole degree because of my love for people so trust me there’s more that me than meets the eye.

Another thing that I realized is that people are so conservative when it comes to living life, and I’m not. I love to live life to its full potential, I don’t do what most people do or live like most people because life is SO short, why compromise for society just because you don’t want people to talk about you. Yes, I live my life I go out all the time I am always up to something, but that’s because I CHOOSE to do these things. I want to get the most out of my life, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But I’ve gotten so much hate for it. People hate me for living my life the way I want because they can’t, or don’t want to. That is not my problem, lol. I’ve learned that I don’t have to justify what I do and why I do it to anyone because it’s my life, it’s what makes ME happy, and if you hate on me for it that says more about how unhappy you are with YOUR life, and I hope and pray you start enjoying yours so you can stop hating on people who do.

The last thing I learned from getting so much hate is to never change. Never stop doing what I want to do and never stop doing what makes me happy, because you know what haters are gna hate, and I pray that one day they will be as happy and content as I am because I truly hope they learn to love the life they live, like I do.

& I want to end this by thanking all of you who constantly support me, take the time to get to know me, and never judge. Y’all are what the world needs more of :*

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