How To Look Expensive On A Budget

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I can’t tell y’all how many times people tell me they love that I share affordable fashion finds and my reply is always that I wouldn’t share anything I personally wouldn’t buy and honestly adulting has been the biggest reality check to my wardrobe and my bank account so budgeting is HUGE. We all want to look like we’re wearing expensive clothes, but lets be real we all have bills, we all have bigger things to invest in than clothes, and if there’s an option to look good and spend less we will take it! P.s. I’ll link my favorite affordable fashion pieces at the end of this post.

Disclaimer: I do like my luxury purchases and save for them as I want them, but they are in no way regular purchases or impulse buys! It’s important to prioritize your needs/wants and be smart about what you buy and where you buy it especially if its luxury. I’ll include some tips for you luxury lovers at the end!

1. Shop On Affordable Sites Like Shein!

-About 80% of my clothing is Shein, and I know fast fashion isn’t the best for the environment and if the sustainable fashion market was affordable I’d be the first to jump on it, however shopping consciously and buying things you know you’ll get more than a few wears out of is important too. For example, a white shirt on Shein can run anywhere from $10-$20 max, you know it’s a white shirt so you can wear it a million different ways, buy that. Don’t buy a trend piece that you know is going to go out of style and you won’t get much wear out of because #1, it’s a trend it’ll be replaced by another, and #2 it’s a waste if it’s going to be sitting in your closet after 1 wear. Here’s how I shop on Shein:

  • Reviews: Read reviews, for sizing, for color, for everything, read reviews.
  • Dupes: Shein has SO many dupes it’s unreal, I see things in Zara and then I go to Shein and it’s there for over 60% cheaper! I have these Chanel inspired mules I got from Shein 2 years ago that I wear almost weekly and they’re in amazing shape and were under $20, best $20 I’ve ever spent! I’ll link those for y’all below 🙂
  • Be careful when washing your clothes: when I wash my clothes from Shein I never ever tumble dry, I always hang them to dry and they have lasted me years. If you tumble dry your clothing esp if its cheap, it’s not going to last you as long in my experience.

2. Shop Sales!

– One of the biggest things about shopping retail esp in fast fashion is semi-annual sales. Almost every brand has a sale all the time either monthly, or semi-annually and shopping during that time is key. I once got a dress from Zara that was originally $80, got it for $15 during their semi-annual, such a steal!

  • Some tips for shopping sales: Make sure you don’t over shop sales, remember key pieces are the neutrals and the ones that you can style in more than 2-3 ways .
  • Don’t fall for BOGO Free: Usually they mark prices up so brands still make profit even if they are saying 1 item is free, it never is, be smart about the sales you shop.
  • Keep an eye on your favorite brands and when they go on sale: For example, Zara has 2 sales a year and I know this because I love their clothing. Bath and Body Works Candles go on sale the first week of December and I know this because I love their candles, keep an eye on sales for everything you love because why pay full price when you can get them discounted!

3. Find Inspiration

– A lot of people tell me that they can never shop because they don’t know what to buy or if they buy items they don’t know how to put it together to where it looks good. & because I do this for a living I am constantly experimenting with how I style my clothes but for someone who isn’t in fashion I have a few tips that can help you:

  • Pinterest: Pinterest is literally the BEST. You can type in “blue longline blazer outfit” or “brown fedora hat outfit” and you will find thousands of different ways to wear 1 item you have or bought. I use Pinterest for my home decor because that’s not my strong suit, I can style clothes but styling a home, nope. I can’t tell you how amazing it’s been for me and if you’re not a pinner, you’ll become one.
  • Instagram hashtags: there’s a lot of different hashtags you can find inspiration by too, just type in the item or the style you want to get inspired by like this: #casualchic, #athleisure, or #modestfashion, and there will be so many options that pop up.
  • Bloggers: I love following bloggers even though I am one myself because it gets my creativity going too. For me it’s moreso travel bloggers, or lifestyle bloggers who share home decor, food bloggers who share where to eat, but there’s a blogger out there for everything and you should use them!

4. Elegance & Modesty is Key

– In my experience I’ve learned that, elegance and modesty is key in looking expensive. I know a lot of you may beg to differ, and hey that’s your opinion and this is mine, but I personally think the more modest you are, the more elegant you look, and the more expensive you look. Again, my opinion but to each their own 🙂  A few tips on how I style things modestly:

  • Don’t show too much skin: I’ll be honest I did and still do wear dresses sometimes, and that too without tights, but when you want to look the part then the key is showing as little as possible. Wear maxi dresses instead of shorter ones, long sleeves with a statement type sleeve is the best option for covering up and looking good, textured pants or high waisted pants, opt for those instead of jeans or tights.
  • Not too tight, not too loose: When things are too tight it looks bad, and when things are too loose fitting that too can look bad. Find the right fit for your body type and that’s key too!
  • Carry it well: another thing I’ve noticed is the way people carry clothing, if you’re running around in heels you’re not going to look elegant so the way you walk and how you act when you’re dressing a certain way matters a lot too.

Shopping Luxury

For you luxury lovers, I have 2 tips on saving money when you’re making a steep purchase.

  1. Buy as much as you can duty free: If/when you travel, save your designer purchases for those trips! You save money on taxes and it’s always a little bit cheaper in Europe in my experience. I’ve bought bags, shoes, fragrance, candles, coats, everything either in London or in Duty Free.
    • London – I do most of my designer purchases in London, either Heathrow airport, or Bicester Village. Make sure to take your passport everywhere for VAT refunds and claim your $$ at the airport!
  2. Buy gently used: I see a lot of designer purchases like bags for example like I see cars. Once you take it out of the dealership, it instantly depreciates. Same way, a bag once you buy it is never going to sell for the same amount you got it for, rarely. Buying gently used handbags is a great way to save money and still get to use the handbag that you want! I don’t do this with shoes but bags – all the way.

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Here’s the answers to some questions y’all asked me on Instagram:

  •  What are your go-to easy work outfits?

– Definitely a blazer, a solid top, and either high waisted pants or paperbag waist pants. I don’t like traditional business clothing so I like to style it for my style which is dressy but fashionable.

  • In your opinion, what is an affordable store with decent quality and fashionable clothing?

– Okay H&M hands down! It has amazing quality, is fashionable, and so affordable esp on sale.

  • Do a coat and blazer collection!

-Okay that’s next on my list haha.

  • What if I have the money to spend but don’t know how to style clothes?

-Style doesn’t necessary mean spending, like I said above you can buy a white shirt for $10-20 and wear it so manyy different ways. Doesn’t have to be expensive to be stylish!

  • How do you save to buy bags and shoes that are so expensive?

-It takes time but figure out a plan that suits your responsibilities and prioritize that way! You can save monthly, weekly, however you want. Just be sure to put necessities first as luxury items are usually wants not needs, so save but save smartly, & then spend, but spend wisely. 🙂

  •  What is better amazon fashion or shein?

-If only you could combine the 2!! I love sheins clothing but it takes a while for shipping, and I love amazon’s prime option but the clothes are a bit pricier and there’s not as much variety, but I love both!

  •  If you had the money to spend on clothes blindly would you?

-I would but moreso on sustainable clothing not so much high end fashion.


I hope y’all liked this post! If you have any other questions my DM’s on Instagram is always open, or you can email me! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletters for Wedding Wednesday updates, Fashion Friday newsletters, and more!




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