How To Protect Your Skin In Ramadan

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Something not a lot of people talk about in Ramadan is skincare, and by skincare I don’t mean establishing a new skincare regimen but more so of what we should do to treat the fatigue and dullness that comes with the lack of nutrients due to fasting. Of course fasting is amazing for your overall digestive system and purification of your soul, but due to the fact that we can only eat so much, sleep schedule is shortened, and we can’t drink water throughout the day, the foods we DO eat and the things we do in Ramadan may be hurting your skin.

So how can we protect our skin?

You are what you eat.

This is true in every way especially in Ramadan. I know how tempting fried foods can be in iftar, but try not to indulge. Instead of the samosas and pakoras eat some fruits and vegetables that are high in Vitamin A, C, and B. That would be strawberries, papayas, any citrus fruit, and veggies like broccoli, brussels sprouts, or any kind of dark leafy green like kale. Try and stay away from a lot of salt, too much salt is one of the main contributors to dry skin so try and have as little intake as possible. Also consuming too much sugar can cause pimples so try and limit your intake on that too, note I say limit. It’s always good to have things in moderation, don’t totally stop yourself because you are fasting all day but be mindful. & Never skip suhoor, you NEED the nutrients to keep you going, your body will be so deprived of the nutrients it needs if you skip suhoor and it will definitely show on your skin. Even if it’s a small meal, make sure to have one!



Sometimes the lassi, the juices, and the soda are so tempting especially after fasting, but do your best to drink as much water as possible. If you drink a soda in iftar you’re more prone to bloating. What I personally do is prepare a mint-lemon water and stick it in the fridge an hour or two before iftar so when I do iftar I look forward to drinking my water since it’s infused. Not only does it taste great but it’s good for skin too! Try and drink at least 4-6 bottles of water between iftar and suhoor, infuse it with fruits or lemon and mint to make it better. Another tip is to moisturize after washing your face, I don’t know about y’all but if I don’t moisturize my skin feels so so dry, so  if you’re picky about using skincare products while fasting then I suggest using coconut oil, it’s a great moisturizer and gentle on your skin. But definitely be sure to get some form of hydration in especially through your water intake, it’ll help your skin look brighter and you’ll feel overall so much better too.

Should you be exercising?

This is something I always used to wonder, sometimes we’re so obsessed with losing weight in Ramadan and we go overboard on the fitness, but did you know it’s actually not that great for you after iftar? Last year I was obsessed with working out after iftar, and it actually resulted in a lot of dehydration and fatigue, I had to stop. But If you’re one that likes to workout after iftar you may be hurting your body like I did, some say it makes your skin more prone to breakout too. You should always wait a hour or two or if you’re really dedicated to working out, or do it 30-45 minutes before suhoor. This way you’re nourished and you won’t be famished after!


Sleeping immediately after iftar/suhoor is one thing you should really avoid. For your skin I’d recommend buying a silk pillowcase. It prevents wrinkles, helps skin, and even helps your hair. For your body sleeping after iftar or suhoor can cause heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion, and you’ll gain weight this way too. It is important however to get some good rest for skin, so take a nap after work before iftar, sleep during the day on the weekends, try and get as much sleep as you can since your cells repair whilst you sleep. But again, in moderation! Never too good to do too much of anything. 🙂


I hope these tips help y’all out and you learned something new, I got inspired for this post from a article I read and thought it would be great to do more research and share with y’all 🙂 2 more Ramadan posts left, stay tuned! xo.


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