I Made A New Home Account!

Hello my loves!

It’s been so long since I sat down to write up an actual blog post, Ive been so busy with moving, redecorating, styling my new apartment, and because I’m so in love with the process and everything I MADE A HOME ACCOUNT ON INSTAGRAM!

That’s right, @fatimaqilhome is my new home decor account where I’m sharing home updates, DIY’s, design inspiration, my style evolution and more! You can follow me there on Instagram and because it’s a more relaxed, real life, day to day type of account and not so much stylized content it’s a little more causal and more me – something I know y’all have asked for, for years!

Y’all showed so much love to all my home posts on my @fatimaqil Instagram account that I just had to make a new one because of how flooded my home inspo questions were getting and y’all could have a separate place just for home decor 🙂

Follow along on @fatimaqilhome if you don’t already, I would love love love the support! Xo.



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