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Hi my beautiful friends,

Thank you all so so much for the love on my last post! Today I have something exciting, not only am I sharing one of my favorite glam looks, but I collaborated with Paisleys & Swirls on getting inked. No, not that kind of ink, haha. As much as I love how tattoos look and the significance they hold for people, I could never go through that pain. Luckily Jagua is just like a real tattoo, but not permanent. I posted a sneak peak on my Instagram and y’all had so many questions about it so I hope this answers all of your questions!! 🙂

Henna: Henna is actually a flowering shrub, and when the leaves are dried they’re created into a paste that has dying ability, hence the gorgeous brown stain that it leaves.

The Henna Process: Once the Henna is dry it just dries off and you’ll see an instant shade of brown or orange appear, after that the stain will stay for 1-2 weeks (depending on how long you left on the paste) and it’ll fade away.

Jagua: Jagua is a natural ink made with the extract of the jagua fruit. The average lifespan of a jagua tattoo is 10-14 days, although it can last as long as 3 weeks or as little as one week depending on where it is applied on the body. The color of a jagua tattoo can vary from a deep black to a milder black with blue undertones, just like the color of a permanent tattoo.

The Jagua Process: Jagua is different than Henna, once Jagua is applied it’ll start pealing off, and you won’t see much of a stain or anything. 3 hours after applying you have to wash that spot with warm water + soap 2 times, and you’re done! My stain actually appeared dark green within 3 hours after washing it off! Really cool and not messy at all!

Henna doesn’t always have to be a traditional cultural art, I wanted to show how you can easily accessorize using Henna/Jagua to add to your everyday looks! I love the "hanging beads" design so I opted for that in Jagua, and for the Henna I got a more full look. I also got a ankle Jagua tattoo and it looks SO much like a real one! I wanted it to say "Wanderlust" with birds flying since I love traveling, and it turned out so beautiful!

Naqiya is such a fun person and catered to what I wanted so effortlessly, you can check out her Instagram here, or her Facebook page here. If you live in the Houston area she is the one to go to for Henna & Jagua art! You can mention my name/blog you can receive 10% off on one service & she has great package deals!

*All the Henna is organic!


If you want to see a timelapse of how the Henna & Jagua were applied, you can check it out here 🙂 You can also keep up with the progress of my tattoos on my Insta Stories! I post on there everyday!! Thanks for reading my loves, hope y’all have a great week!



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