Lenses In A Different Light

Hi loves!

Hope your new year is going great! I wanted to share a really great new site for those of you who wear glasses/contact lenses and are looking for an easy, quick way to get your order in at a amazing price point too. Y’all know I am all about the affordable fashion and now with Discount Contact Lenses you can place an order for contacts ASAP with Alexa! #Sponsored #DiscountContactsAlexa

DiscountContactLenses.com is a new site that you can use to get boxes of contact using voice-shopping, I know I rarely ever go in store for errands like these, so being able to tell Alexa, "Alexa, reorder me a new box of contacts with Discount Contacts" is definitely my go-to! It comes so fast, its super convenient, its efficient and reliable! You can earn 4 boxes of contacts from Discountcontactlenses.com just by using and reviewing the brand new Alexa Skill, win win!


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