Living Room Organization Tips With Wayfair

Hi my friends!

As y’all know I’ve been sharing my home decor with y’all since before I got married and today I’m sharing my living room organization and storage tips with Wayfair! Below you can find my inspiration images [c/o Pinterest]  and images you can shop instantly by clicking on them!

All of these items are on sale so don’t miss out!

The first item is a Wicker Basket. I love these because you can use them for so many different things! This one in particular I love for blankets. If you’re anything like me, I love cozying up with a blanket on the couch at night when I’m watching Netflix but I love my place to look clean during the day so putting your blanket or extra pillows in a basket is a great way to add some decor + makes for great storage!

I also love baskets for planters! It instantly makes your plants look so chic, and your original planter can fit perfectly inside. These can be used for so many other things as well but I love them for plants.

If you have an accent chair, an ottoman is a great way to kick your feet up while you read or watch TV but make sure it’s a storage ottoman. That way, you can store stuff inside while still having a chic looking ottoman.

Another great storage option is a coffee table that can be used as storage too! Put a tray on top with some of your favorite home essentials like a candle, diffuser, magazine, and you’re set.

A TV unit can be so useful for storage as well, especially if you have kids! Best place to hide everyday toys (a lot of my cousins do this). I personally love this one with a built in fire place but I love the floating option as well if you’re tight on room. You can also put frames on top if you don’t want a TV above so here’s a great idea for that too.

Bookshelves are so great for decor too! Place your favorite pieces on them to elevate your living room and these options with drawers are so great for storage.

Lastly, shoe organizers are a lifesaver! You can easily hide your shoes + put decor on top so that it looks like its meant to be there!

A huge thank you to Wayfair for collaborating with me on this post! Truly an honor!

Be sure to watch this space for my Bedroom Decor I’ll be sharing soon! Xo.


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