Major Life Changes I Made To Become Healthier & Happier – Part 1

Hi my lovelies!

For the past few months I made some major life changes and decided to get out of the unhealthy rut I was in to adopt a better lifestyle for my mind and my health. If you follow me on Instagram which I would love if you do, watch my stories & you’ll know I have been adding some things to my diet and daily routine that I’ve done for a while but I finally am telling y’all about it because it works. I’m going to break this down into parts because there’s so much I want to say so this is going to be part one: the power of reading.

I have always been a reader, but I started learning from my reading. What I mean is, instead of reading self-help novels entirely to boost self confidence and believe in myself, I do that + more. I read books about how to change lifestyle and how to better business, how I can break free from a routine, and social norm oriented mindset. The books I’ve been reading give me so much knowledge about life, non-traditional ways of staying balanced, different approaches to tasks, and just reshape my lifestyle. I love listening to books so Audible is my go to app for doing just that, all of Rachel Hollis’s books I have only listened to. There are some books that I prefer to have paper copies of like 4 hour work week since they take concentration to understand and I want to refer to it later too, but I love reading + listening to books! Some of my favs…

  • 4 Hour Workweek – my absolute favorite. Still reading but halfway through and my mindset has drastically changed. I’ve been implementing the teachings in here and I’m loving it!
  • Girl, Wash Your Face – more of a self-help novel, but she gives great tips on life and going after your dreams
  • Girl, Stop Apologizing – this one has more teachings and advice on business, embracing the leader within you, and being unapologetically successful.
  • The Forty Rules Of Love – this one’s a story about Rumi, but the teachings are beautiful. It really reshapes the way we’re taught to look at rights + wrongs and I highly recommend this to everyone too!
  • The Alchemist – a cult favorite. I re-read this one after a few years and understood the book in a new light, definitely recommend doing that!
  • Big Magic – I recommend this book to everyone! This was the first “self-help” novel I ever read and it gave me the motivation to pick myself up from an all time low and get up stronger.
  • The Secret – this book is like my guide to my mindset. Every time I feel negative, de-motivated, anxious, or feel like I’m failing at anything, I pick this up and read the chapter that applies. This book isn’t one that you need to read from cover to cover in a go, each chapter applies to a different subject whether its relationships, health, money, etc. and you can read the one you need help in. I read it all and it’s honestly the reason I get everything I want in life, all because of manifestation and the law of attraction. I’ll talk more about the law of attraction in another post!

I don’t believe you stop learning once you’re done with school. I think I’ve learned more reading after University about life than I have during, and it amazes me each time! Not only do you learn, but you know you can do the things you learn about because it’s been done before. If anyone else can do these things, why can’t you?

The power of reading is truly amazing, the knowledge you gain is limitless. I urge y’all to pick up a book that interests you and set aside some time to read a little bit every day, before bed, first thing in the morning, whatever you like – but do it. I like to read a physical book before bed every night. I light a candle, turn on my lamps and play the sound of rain while I read, I highlight and make notes and go to bed with knowledge gained. In the daytime I like to listen to books, I play my audible novels when I’m driving, when I’m getting ready in the morning, even while I do my daily chores. Doing a combination of both helps me learn and refocus my days and more often than not, the books I read send the same messages in different lights. Just reading 15-30 minutes a day can help refocus and recharge your brain, trust me you’ll love it!

Part 2 is all about some activities I partake in that I know y’all will love too! Stay tuned!







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