Major Life Changes I Made To Become Healthier & Happier – Part 2

Hi beauties!

To start off part 2 of the major life changes I made to become healthier and happier, I wanted to talk about 3 things I do that transformed my mental health and my physical being too. I hope this helps any of you who are looking for more balance and presence and you can take something from these things! Part 2 is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and taking actions for personal growth.

Meditation. I never realized the power of meditation until I needed it to re align my focus and presence. I turned to meditation for my anxiety. I used the app “headspace” (there are a lot of others too + YouTube vids) and used guided meditation to help calm me down and it really helped when flying. I talked about overcoming flight anxiety in this blog post here, but it also helped in everyday life when I would randomly get anxious and I learned to control it myself. I do occasionally do yoga as well for my back pain and just to practice breathing, but I love love love meditating. If you’re someone who suffers with anxiety, or you just want to re-align and refocus, practice being present, 5-10 minutes of meditation at night is the best! I like to light some candles, dim all the lights, and meditate before bed for 5 minutes once a week when I can!

Running is something I never ever thought I’d ever do but since my fiancé is a runner I decided to accompany him and guys I loved it. Running outside in particular is what made it so enjoyable. It’s tough to push yourself especially when it’s at a task that’s difficult to do as it is, but with every run we went on I progressed and that was my motivation. Being able to run longer and further distances was so amazing, I don’t run every single day or every week anymore, but at least I know that when I want that runners high (it is a thing y’all!) I can take off.

Expressing gratitude is another key factor in happiness. To do this, I use the five minute journal. I’ve been a fan of the five minute journal since Mimi & Alex came out with it, but I truly understood it’s value this past year. I’ve filled it out morning/night for over a year but filling it out with purpose and intention makes it so effective. Every morning I write 3 things I’m grateful for – even if i don’t have those things yet. Practicing gratitude is so important, being grateful for your things like your health, your family, even a bed to sleep in at night is key to achieving more in life. I write a daily affirmation and what I want to achieve in the day too. At night I write 3 good things that happened and what I would change if I could. It is the best practice and really refocuses your mind on whats important so you can manifest exactly that. There’s a lot of journals out there that are like this but I love the original 5 minute journal so I’ll link it below in case any of you want to buy it. I’ll talk about the Law of Attraction & how to manifest what you want in a later blog post!

Part 3 is a popular topic so stay tuneddd 🙂



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