Major Life Changes I Made To Become Healthier & Happier – Part 3

Hi my beauties!

The last part I want to talk about to end the series of what I did to become happier and healthier is my diet.

My diet hasn’t ever been the greatest, in fact I think I was probably the healthiest in college – now with Chick Fil A every day and Pakistani food at home that’s hard to resist I can’t say I’m a healthy eater but I do try! I recently started the Celery Juice cleanse that’s been all over Instagram and although I did think it was just another fad it’s actually so good for your body. I researched the benefits and it’s great for resetting your gut, it reduces inflammation, has high amounts of vitamin C, flushes toxins out of your liver, and fights bloating! so for the past 2 weeks I’ve been juicing every morning, drinking 4-6oz of freshly juiced Celery juice on an empty stomach. I published my review about the cleanse and how it’s helped here so you can read all about my juicing journey and the ins and outs of my experience.

I also started drinking half my body weight in water, well I do most days haha. I’m not one that enjoys drinking water, I would rather have a diet coke tbh. However, I learned from Rachel Hollis’s Girl, Stop Apologizing book that an easy way to get your daily water intake is by dividing your weight in half, and then consuming that much water. So my daily minimum is 4 bottles 17oz each. When looking at it that way it’s not as hard to drink, and I get through it easily and feel so energized and focused! I found infusing my water helped me drink it more willingly as well, I infuse mine with lemon, cucumber, and mint. Helps clear skin and flush toxins too! The days where I’m not drinking that much water, I feel sluggish and so demotivated, it’s hard getting out of bed and getting through the day. So I definitely recommend the water on the daily friends! It truly is so good for you.

As badly as I want to say I don’t eat Chick Fil A anymore or indulge in the non-greasy all vegan healthy food – I don’t. I don’t believe that giving everything up is necessary especially all at once, it’s a work in progress and one day I may give up my CFA salads and sweet teas, or resort to healthy vegan meals instead of biryani but that day hasn’t come yet and I’m not beating myself up over it! As long you’re doing what you can, you’re good!

Doing these things like reading everyday, meditating weekly, running here and there, filling out the 5 minute journal on the daily, and adding some juice and water to my diet has worked wonders for me guys. I have been so much happier, so refocused on my goals and what I want to achieve and these things are so easy for anyone to implement in their daily lives! I really do hope you can find some inspiration from these things and try it out for yourself, I’d love to hear how it helps y’all too! 🙂



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