Meeting 1:1 With Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Fragrance Experts

Hello my lovely friends!

I have a long time love for fragrances whether thats candles, diffusers, or perfumes and if you’re a follower of mine you know how much I LOVE Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge 540, it is a scent I can never get tired of and I know is loved universally as well. But along with Baccarat there’s so many other scents MFK hosts and I got the opportunity to learn about and test them all and I’m going to share it all with y’all! To see the vlog style video where I take y’all with me to this, click here, here, or on my Instagram, @fatimaqil.

First of all, Francis is the true mastermind behind the fragrances, I learned from his personal fragrance expert, Joan Tanis, that he has a masters in chemistry as well as is a graduate of fragrance school and not only that, but he’s formulated some of the most popular and long time loved fragrances from Guerlain, Acqua Di Parma, Jean Paul Gaultier’s infamous Le Male and so many more.

Joan walked me through the best sellers of 2021, including Oud Mood, Gentle Fluidity Gold/Silver, A La Rose, and of course Baccarat Rouge explaining what his inspiration was for each scent and how he married the scent to real life experiences to create a experience in a bottle.

The A La Rose Line – created by Francis for a new take on Rose, previously reputed to be a “mature” or as I said, “grandma” type of note, when you smell A la rose you dont think of old heavy florals, you smell a more refreshing, light, fresh floral with hints of warmth. Same for the men’s a la rose, he created a rose scent that men can wear and I think that’s genius! Both smell amazing.

The Gentle Fluidity Line- Francis loves ballet and to create a ballet like fluid experience in a bottle, he created gentle fluidity. Both gold/silver have the same exact composition, but smell totally different. Isnt that crazy? The same composition in different measurements to create 2 different scents, gold is warm, vanilla like, while silver is a little more spice oriented and the fact that they have the same exact ingredients blew my mind.

Baccarat Rouge – created in collaboration with the crystal company, Baccarat, Francis created Rouge 540 to embody a crystal in a fragrance, sweet, rich, something that can make a statement and stay with you as you wear it. This was meant to be a limited collab but quickly turned into a permanent fragrance because so many loved it so much, and rightly so.

Oud Mood Line- Joan explained how Oud is still in it’s way into the western market and how not many people understand the deep scent, but Francis’s take on it is truly something one of a kind, unlike any other oud i’ve smelled, it’s light but still deep, its fresh yet still heavy, it’s the perfect combination of dark and light.


To try out all of the fragrances I highly recommend buying the fragrance wardrobe, I have it and trust me it’s lasted years and it’s worth the $$! If theres one scent you should try, it’s Baccarat Rouge 540, and if you want to try one that’s still rich yet different, I recommend Gentle Fluidity Gold/Silver. If you’re a Oud lover, try out his Oud fragrances, but whatever you choose you won’t regret.



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