Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Hi my loves,

Mother’s Day is around the corner and if you’re someone who is like me who shops last minute or takes forever to find something Mom likes, I’ve curated some ideas and gifts all types of Mother’s will love – whether she’s a skincare addict, makeup lover, deserves a spa/wellness treat, or likes surprises from her kids, I’ve found something for everyone.


My Mom LOVES skincare, any PR package I get that has skincare she’s like “that’s mine!” haha. Here’s some of my moms favorites and some skincare I personally think Mother’s will love. Some are extremely affordable and there’s a few splurges, but hey it’s Mother’s day and she deserves it!


We all know Mother’s love their lipsticks, and mine lovesss a good red lippie. Whether your Mom likes functional over fancy, or loves the luxury – here’s a few options you can find online and in store at all price points.


I definitely get my dressing sense from my Mom, she’s dressy, elegant, and sticks to neutrals but pairs them so beautifully. I grew up watching her dress up and I definitely learned from her so I always try and get her some pieces that are timeless and great quality. I got her a few blazer’s from Macys this time as a part of her gift and since she’s the formal type she loved them! I’ll link the ones I got below and a few others 🙂 If your mom loves to be comfy, is super casual, or just loves gifts that she can be cozy in, I’ll link my fav options for those things too!


You can never go wrong with flowers, I loved ProFlower’s and not even because I worked with them but because I was genuinely so impressed with the shipping and the packaging. Fast, easy, and it came with a vase and amazing packaging! Definitely a great service if you live far from your mom (p.s. they have a promo going on – PROMOM20 for Mothers Day!) I also really love those flowers in a box that last a year. They’re real, they look gorgeous as decor, and even though they’re a bit pricier they last a year so such a great gift!


If you missed the Sephora sale for fragrance don’t worry, department stores have the best gift sets for fragrances and they have scents for every kind of woman. Here’s a few picks.


I know 2 days isn’t much time to order something online for a custom gift, but if you’re near a Things Remembered, or anywhere they engrave in stores, getting something personalized will make your Mom’s day! Here’s a few thoughtful keepsakes any Mom would love


Mother’s love jewelry, especially because if they’re Pakistani and accessories are the perfect addition to their collection. Jewelry is an investment so not only is it thoughtful but you know your money is going to appreciate with time. If you didn’t know already, my family owns a jewelry store so we get a lot of people coming in to buy earrings, necklaces, and tennis bracelets for their Mamas! Perfect to wear on the daily and affordable too!


Mom’s work so hard y’all, and we’re so used to seeing them do everything for everyone else that we forget they need time to themselves too. I love gifting massages, spa packages, mani/pedis, anything that’ll get my mom to sit back and relax! Booking a spa day, a giftcard to a nail salon, these are all great and I recommend checking Groupon if you’re on a budget – they have great offers but check reviews!


The one thing we forget to do the most is to just sit back and spend some time with our mothers. We grow up and get so busy with our own lives we forget who gave us life. Do the traditional breakfast in bed for your mom, clean up the whole house and take her out for a full day of whatever she wants to do, go to dinner, cook dinner, anything that’ll bring y’all together to spend time together.

In Islam we believe the status of a Mother is so high, that paradise lies at her feet. So when you count your blessings count your Mama a million times. <3 I hope these last minute gift ideas helped y’all! & if you’re a Mother reading this Happy Mother’s day to you! 🙂 & to my Mom I know you’re reading this, thanks for being my best friend, biggest supporter, my photographer since day 1 and when I need you now, (secrets out!) and my confidant. I say this every year and mean it more as I grow older but I hope to become half the woman you are someday. 🙂 May God bless every Mother in this world with all the happiness, health, and a long long life iA.


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