My Blogging Journey Defined & My Personal Style Ft. OOTD

Hi my loves!

Every blogger or influencer has their own story, so today I’m going to share mine.

Since I was a kid, I grew up watching my Dad work 7 days a week, almost 12 hours every day. I saw the behind the scenes of what everyone thinks is a business that you can easily grow and get rich from. Truth is, he worked extremely hard and still does til this day, & I definitely learned from him. He never once gave me his card or let me spend frivolously on unnecessary stuff. He always said, whatever you want you can get it, just work for it. If I didn’t learn that so young, I wouldn’t spend so wise.

When I was in high school, I went through quite a roller coaster with my personal style, but by junior year I found a comfortable style that I felt my best and most confident in, and adopted it. Dressy casual became my go-to, & I used to work part time at a boutique, buy statement pieces that I could style and wear 10 different ways.

I didn’t grow up thinking, "I want to be a blogger." I didn’t grow up buying everything I wanted when I wanted it, and I definitely did not ask my parents for all the finer things in life or swipe Daddy’s card with every purchase. My first Sephora purchase came at the age of 17, after I worked at Francesca’s Collections for about a month.

My blog evolved as I got questions everyday on where I got what I wore, and how I would think of the ways of styling it the way I did, and how to shop smartly but find staples. That’s how I started sharing my love for it on a bigger scale, through a platform that everyone could be a part of. Never to "show off," but to simply educate and share my ways since I know I did it, everyone else can too.

I always did and always will buy quality over quantity, I learned this in my early years of shopping that it’s better to buy a top that’s $30 than a top that’s $10 that will get ruined by the 2nd wash, and you have to re-buy 3-4 times. It’s not hard to style a top 3-4 different ways even if it is a statement piece. The same way, I feel like an investment piece will always stay a timeless investment piece whether that’s a Chanel bag or fine jewelry that never loses its value. I always show you guys how I wear what I wear on the daily on my Instagram stories as well, you can check them out in my "OOTD’s" highlight on my feed.

So years ago I started my blog, to simply share my love for fashion and let others know that what I can do, you can too. I really believe that whatever you want, you can achieve if you really set your heart to it and work hard to attain it.

Now a little bit about this outfit. This has got to be one of my favorites! The top and the bottoms combined are under $50, and they’re easily wearable separates as well as perfect together! I got both of these pieces from H&M and have linked them down below, just click on the image and you can shop!

So many brands are making Gucci inspired clothing, and I’m really feeling it. The trousers are navy blue and white paper bag style, and have the most flattering look, and this tshirt has a detachable ribbon & pearl pin that you can accessorize any of your tops or even bags with! I styled this top a little differently on my Insta story so you can check that out under the OOTD highlight! 🙂



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