My Wedding Part 1: The Destination Wedding

Hi my friends!!

I am so beyond excited to share why I went to Pakistan last month with you guys and that is to…..wait for it…. get married!!!

I shared the news on Instagram stories and y’all had soo many questions so I thought I’d answer them all here.

Who did your hair/makeup and how did you find them when you don’t live there?

– This was the hardest part for me because Karachi is hot, I didn’t want my makeup to melt off, we had days full of morning to midnight photo ops and events so It needed to be long lasting, and I did not want to look cakey at all. I had heard makeup in Pakistan tends to be cakey so I was already so hesitant but after a lot of research and opinions from friends and family I went with Furqan’s Salon. Granted no one I personally knew had ever gone there, his reviews were amazing! He was amazing, made sure to accentuate my features without caking on too much makeup, it looked natural and I looked like myself and it didn’t melt off and lasted ALL day. He did my hair too and I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do with it but he killlled it. I loved every bit of my hair and makeup!

What lipstick were you wearing?

-MAC ruby woo! I don’t know what kind of primer he used on my lips but it did not move! I got my makeup done at 3 and it lasted til 2am without any touchups.

Where was your outfit from?

-It was custom made by my mom, my sister, and a designer in Karachi! My mom and my sister bought the material, and the designer who stitched it added work and matched the dupatta and blouse perfectly. Her name is Zahabiya Bandukwala so if you’re in Karachi definitely consult her, I gave her free reign with my look and she nailed it.

 How hard was it planning a destination wedding?

-Extremely, lol. Because I’m not from there, I had no idea about the wedding industry and how different it is from America, it was so extremely hard getting the decor how I wanted it, the food, the invites, the little details were hard because we just had no idea how it worked. The social norms there are so different than ours that what I thought was normal for weddings here was too over the top there, so it was a lot of working around those things and communication with the vendors. I’m so thankful for my moms friends and my cousins that live over there, they helped us out so much and in the end the event was awesome!

 Did your friends come and how did they like Karachi?

– So this is the one thing I wish I had in Karachi, my friends. Although my family was there, I really missed having my girls by my side and just people that I am so close to to be there with me. I was so grateful that one of my blogger friends from Chi was able to come and one of my bridesmaids was there so those 2 girls really made my night by being there with me but otherwise, totally wish they could have come!

 How did you decide your henna design?

-Instagram! I looked up the hashtag #bridalhenna and just showed the artist 2 different images and she combined them to make my design. Loved it!

Where is your jewelry from?

Maria jewelers in Karachi and of course Diamonds Unlimited in Houston! Maria jewelers is my go-to in Karachi!!

How did you brave that heat in August?

Haha thankfully it wasn’t too hot because it had rained before I arrived, so evenings were pleasant and we had AC at the events so we were lucky!

How did you pick a photographer? & was it expensive?

-This was actually really hard because a lot of people find out you’re from America and upcharge, so I went back and forth with a few and then found Haseeb Amjad Studio and found him to be really genuine, he was reasonable and really good at communicating so I booked him and couldn’t have picked a better photographer! We felt comfortable shooting with him, he felt more like a friend than a photographer, and he understood my vision and brought it to life. If any of you in Karachi want him to shoot for you, you can get 10% off of his services by mentioning my name! 🙂

Hope this answered most of your questions, loves! Please say MashAllah and keep Zain & I in your prayers, xo.


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