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Hi my friends!

To kick off the second post in my wedding series, I thought it would be best to introduce y’all to the backbone of my wedding, my wedding planner! Again, not sponsored at all, but truly an organic friendship and someone who turned her passion into a business. If you live in Houston then you are no stranger to Lavender Pearl, one of the most trusted wedding planners in the business, and the founder just happens to be one of my best friends, bridesmaids, and bride to be herself! I’ll start by telling y’all how we met, why I decided to hire a wedding planner, my experience so far, and then go into the Q&A’s y’all asked on Instagram 🙂

Sonia and I met through Instagram as all blogger friendships start off haha, we met up and instantly clicked, kept meeting up to take each others pictures (she’s a blogger too FYI), and she became one of my go-to people! I wasn’t engaged when I met her, in fact I hadn’t even met Zain when I met Sonia, so when I got engaged she was one of the first people I told. I knew she had her wedding planning business-Lavender Pearl, but I hadn’t heard of anyone I knew ever hiring a wedding planner so the thought never crossed my mind but when I started the process and I started texting her about all my ideas and she suggested we meet so she can tell me how her business can help me, which I needed more than ever lol! I also want to add that I’m the first person getting married in about 8 years in my family so the whole industry has changed, especially in Houston. Me and my family didn’t really know where to start and there’s so much out there that you don’t know exists and I had no idea how to reach those people since we had no experience in this. So becoming a Lavender Pearl client was the best decision ever and Sonia and Arsheen made the entire process SO effortless for me, I tell them my ideas and they bring it to life! It’s made the entire process so much less stressful than it could have been, and knowing they have your best interest at heart is so assuring as well.

So why did I hire a wedding planner? Because everyone needs one, even if it’s just for 1 event, for the day of, or for a few tasks, it makes the stress of planning disappear, and they do this every single day so they know the business better than you, trusting them with my vision was the best thing I did and am doing.

From the first meeting with LP til now, everything has been detail oriented, organized, and they really focus on taking the stress off of the bride’s shoulders and doing their best to meet your budget + give you the best quality! Everything they’ve recommended has worked out amazing for me, and not to mention that being a LP client, every time you walk into a meeting with a vendor everyone says how I’m in the best hands, which is not only reassuring but it’s great to hear as well. Sonia’s been in the industry for over 5 years, so she really knows what she’s doing. She makes sure meetings are set, communicates for/with you and the vendors, & she tries her best to touch base with you periodically so both her and the client know where they’re at in the planning process and what needs to get done. The best part is that she’s not only there for planning support but emotional and mental support too, sometimes the stress of planning a wedding really can get to you and she’s seen all scenarios and situations so she gives the best advice as well. I also want to add the most important part of my experience working with her – the discounts!! LP has a list of vendors they regularly work with so the clients get discounts going through a planner, I didn’t know this before but it is such a great perk 😉

Now for the Q&A

-What is a planner’s typical responsibilities? What are you having yours do?

This entirely depends on what package you choose to go with, LP has different packages that meet the needs of different clients, depending on what you need help with and what you want them to do they pick up those roles. For me, I had an idea of what I wanted everything to look like and I had a vision, so I chose a package that includes design and decor, photography and videography, vendors, bridal services, transportation, invite management, day of coordination, and contract management! You can do more and do a full wedding package or less and do just the day of, up-to you!

-Is your wedding planner expensive?

This is a question that I knew I’d get and it honestly depends on your budget and even then LP will work with you to give you services based on your budget I believe! From my experience it is 100% worth it for her pricing because I would not have known how to do any of this without her, so I think she’s absolutely worth every penny!

-What if you only need help in one part of the wedding?

So like I said before LP has different packages, so depending on what you need you can see what package fits best and go from there 🙂

-Do they help remotely?

Sonia’s done weddings in so many different cities so yes!

-Do they help with bridal showers too?

Yes! She can help plan any events!

-How do I contact them?

You can email her at or DM her on Instagram @lavenderpearlevents

-Do they only specialize in Pakistani weddings?

No she does it all! 🙂

For all you brides who are looking for a wedding planner and want to hire Lavender Pearl, Sonia is offering y’all 15% off if you just show her my post! 🙂

Stay tuned for the next post! xo.



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