My Wedding Pt. 2: Houston, Texas

Hi my friends!

Now that the wedding is over I wanted to share the final events with y’all and answer some questions y’all asked me on Instagram and walk y’all through the whole process too! First off I wanted to share why I didn’t post the pictures from all of my events since so many of y’all asked me to share the other events, I had 4 and I decided to just share the main event because I wanted to be able to keep my wedding private for the most part and I hope y’all understand that! ๐Ÿ™‚ However, I will share 2 looks from the events (if you subscribed to my blog you would have seen ALL my looks from all of my events a long time ago!) because those were my 2 main events and the looks are so different and to give inspiration for you brides out there! Q&A is going to be at the end.

Also please know, when you’re scrolling through these pictures on Instagram, whether they are mine or another brides, know that these images are highlights of our lives. It does not show the struggles or the downs of our lives, and also know they’re not shared to create envy, nor should you see them and feel envious. When you see these pictures say a prayer for Zain and I, say MashAllah to protect us from the evil eye, and know that God’s timing is everything. Remember, true happiness only comes when it is felt for those around you. xo.ย 


For the Rasm-e-Hina, I opted for white and gold because everything else was so colorful and I wanted Zain & I to stand out instead of wearing a lot of color too, so I got this outfit from an Indian boutique called Manyavar in Houston and I fell in love! It was so regal, so elegant, & I paired it with fresh flower jewelry that complimented the look perfectly. I decided to put my hair down for this look and have really glowy, fresh makeup and it turned out perfect.

I’ve also been so excited to share the design and significance of my henna with y’all and I owe it all to the amazing henna artist I had who created this super fun and sentimental design! I’ll just quote her here since she said it perfectly, but be sure to give her a follow and book her for henna art! “I love skylines but I wanted to add a little more in there to better represent Fatima. What better way than to do it with the shoes from each location! On (our) right we have Jootis from Pakistan along with some landmarks and on (our) left Houston cowboy boots and a cowboy hat! I purposely put their spouses origins on each hand because thatโ€™s marriage – knowing, loving and adapting to where youโ€™re spouse comes from. She wanted to include her passion: being a Fashionista, Her husbands profession: An Engineer, Pakistan (where heโ€™s from and where they read their Nikkah) & Houston – her home.



This was my main event and the one I truly put my heart and soul into planning. I found my outfit after numerous hours looking for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, I came across a bride in Lahore who wore it styled more casually but I fell in love with it and found the designer, Republic Womenswear, and actually designed and got it made via Whatsapp. SO happy we live in a age of technology lol! Republic Womenswear was amazing to work with! I honestly don’t care about trends, what’s in fashion in Pakistan, or any of that stuff because I live in America and Pakistani fashion here isn’t followed as much, so I just found what I liked and went with it. Since my wedding was in December, I contacted Republic in March, and by August I had the outfit in my hands. I’ll answer questions about the outfit below in the Q&A! My jewelry was all Diamonds Unlimited, shoes were Christian Louboutins, Makeup and Hair was done by Hijab Couture by Affaf.

For the event decor, I wanted pink and white florals with touches of gold and I wanted candles, ambient lighting, and a very regal yet classy look. Dream Decor Designhouse in Houston did an amazing job of bringing that vision to life and the decor complimented my outfit perfectly! I wanted an aisle so I could walk down the aisle with my dad, I had my flower girls, my 2 darling nieces accompanied by my cousins from England, & it made my vision of combining American customs with Pakistani culture come alive.

The schedule that day went a little like this: Bridesmaids first look, Zain’s first look, my parent’s first look and then the event started and post entrances we had Zain & I’s first dance, my dad & I’s last dance, cake cutting, a fun shoe game, speeches, a surprise performance by Zain and choreographed dances too! For the wedding favors, I didn’t want to give an item and people just throw it away or it go to waste so we decided to do donations to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital in Pakistan in honor of my late cousin brother, Anwer Tyebally. For our cake, I wanted something simple but something that wouldn’t go to waste, so I opted for a 3 tier naked cake with fresh florals on it and everyone ate and loved it! I got the custom cake topper from Etsy that said “The Ali’s” in gold and it was made of wood so we can keep it for years.


Zain’s surprise performance honestly made the night, I had NO idea he was planning it and it took me by complete surprise but he played the guitar and sang to some of my favorite songs and he did so amazing! I listen to it everyday ๐Ÿ™‚

Little did he know I had a surprise dance planned for him too, and the choreographed dances my friends did killed it too!

We had people attend from far and wide, & we truly celebrated our love with our closest friends and family around us and we could not have been happier. I owe it to my parent’s for letting me have my dream wedding so I’m truly so grateful to them.

I also wanted to add how important it is not to stress and just to have FUN! I was so stressed leading up to my wedding, but I am so glad that the days of our events I was calm, relaxed, and I truly had a great time!

Again, please keep Zain and I in your prayers, say MashAllah to protect us from the evil eye, xo.ย 


  • How did you pick your vendors?
    • My wedding planner suggested a few of them and a few I already knew I wanted ๐Ÿ™‚
  • How did you decide on the colors you wanted to wear?
    • So I’m not a picky person at all, and I was a super laid back bride too. I just scrolled Pinterest and saw what I liked and went with that!
  • Do you have a document you used to plan?
    • My wedding planner did all of that, she had a folder with different tasks and rosters and we used that to keep everything organized.
  • How many months in advance did you start planning?
    • A year!
  • Did Zain have any input or was it mostly you?
    • I always asked for his opinion because he has really good taste ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Did anything happen that wasn’t planned? Did everything go as you planned?
    • For the most part yes, but it can’t always be perfect and I was aware of that. Alhamdullilah it did go as planned with a few bumps along the way, but in the end it was perfect ๐Ÿ™‚
  • What was your first dance song?
    • Can’t help falling in love by Hailey Reinhart
  • Are y’all going on a honeymoon?
    • We will yes! We haven’t picked a destination yet but we had a lot of family in town so we decided to go a little bit later.
  • Was it worth getting a wedding planner? Could you have done it without?
    • it was 100% worth it!! I could not have done it without Sonia & Arsheen, the little things that went wrong the day of, they fixed it as if nothing went wrong at all! I also loved how organized they made everything and how effortless it all felt. I would 100% recommend them to any and everyone!
  • What was the best and worst part about being a bride?
    • The best part was obviously marrying the love of my lifeee, mA. I also had a lot of fun celebrating with my friends and family, I loved being a bride! The worst part was the unwanted opinions and judgement from strangers. I’m not scared of telling anyone how I feel and setting them straight and that’s what I ended up doing lol.
  • Are you scared of nazar?
    • I am but at the same time, my intention for sharing isn’t to create envy or to make anyone envious. I am a big believer in intention & prayer and hopefully people see that and say mashAllah and I pray a lot of surah’s to protect myself because of the nature of my job too.
  • What was Zain’s reaction when he first saw you as a bride?
    • Hahaha those who know Zain know exactly how he reacted lol! He was really sweet he said I looked beautiful hahaha.
  • How did you decide who to invite? Your wedding looked small compared to other Pakistani weddings lol.
    • LOL, 300 people is small for a Pakistani wedding tbh, but only close family and friends were invited. For family, while my parents wanted to invite everyone as parent’s do, I kept telling them no because I truly wanted to celebrate with people I know and I have a relationship with. & for friends I only invited those whose wedding I would want to be invited to, those who added value to my life and contributed to the person I am today, and of course close friends. I couldn’t have been happier with those who were at my wedding, you could really feel the love in the room and It was the best time celebrating with people you know and love.
  • Would you have changed anything about your wedding?
    • Nope, not a thing!
  • How did you decide on your makeup looks?
    • I did a trial with Affaf and she killed it, I loved how she did my makeup and kept me looking like me while enhancing my features. For my Rasm-e-Hina event I hired Shades of Glamour and she did amazing too! Both of them were amazing with my hair and makeup and loved how it turned out.
  • Was anything sponsored?
    • Nope, I didn’t want anything to be sponsored because I wanted my wedding to stay personal & wanted to control what I wanted to share with the world.
  • What advice would you give a bride to be?
    • DON’T STRESS! Everything will be okay, just have faith in God, have faith in your vision and your planning, and know that everything will unfold seamlessly. I would highly recommend hiring a planner, starting a year in advance if you have that much time, and staying true to what YOU want to do. If you’re happy, you’ll radiate happiness and everyone else will have fun and feel the happiness too.

These are most of the questions I thought I’d address to help you brides out and give y’all a little insight into my wedding! I really hope y’all find it useful if you’re a bride-to-be and if you’re a friend/follower, thank you for taking the time to see and be a part of my happiness. Please do say mashAllah once again and keep us in your prayers! xo.



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