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Hi Hi!

I absolutely love organization, making things look nice, and being clutter free so I got some inspiration from Pinterest and adopted some organization that not only fits my aesthetic and looks nice but is practical too.

First of all, my spice jars!

These jars are sold out unfortunately, but I’ll link some similar below along with the custom labels I got made. I found the inspiration for these jars on Pinterest and found these labels on Etsy. I was able to give the store owner my labels and since I wanted them in both Urdu and English I loved being able to customize them! She has tons of different options for colors and sizes so definitely check her out, this isn’t sponsored just love the product!

For my pots and pans, I honestly never used them much until COVID which is so bad, but I started cooking more being at home and they’d end up in a cluttered mess in my cabinet. I found this idea on Pinterest as well and ordered the same dish rack I have on my countertop to organize lids, and since my pots and pans are mostly stainless steel with the exception of my Misen nonstick, I got these little felt dividers from HomeGoods (months ago) to prevent scratching.

My fridge is still a work in progress, but like I said I love things to look nice and I’ve always loved the look of glass milk bottles so I found these carafe’s at Target and got 3, 2 for milk and 1 for infused water. This was a tip you guys gave me! Infusing water is such a good incentive for me to drink more, and it works! I love it.

Cleaning is a huge thing for me too, I got the Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-surface concentrate so that I don’t have to rebuy a bunch of single use plastic cleaning products. I got a glass spray bottle from Etsy as well as a custom label for it because y’all know me, aesthetic 😉 and we make the solution and refill whenever we need to. We also use reusable kitchen cloth from Trader Joe’s instead of traditional Bounty to be more eco-friendly, and they’re so easy to use.

I’ve also switched to using reusable dryer balls, glass Tupperware instead of plastic, and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I made the switch to reusable produce and grocery bags a while ago too. These little changes make such a difference and they’re so easy to implement!

Hope this inspires y’all to make some eco friendly changes and helps with organization ideas! 🙂




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