Overcoming Flight Anxiety & My Travel Routine

Overcoming Flight Anxiety

I have had the worst flight anxiety for the past year or so.

Yes, me, the girl who loves to travel, identifies as a travel blogger, and even takes 2-3 trips every year. Truth is, I literally freak out before each trip. I have sleepless nights, scary thoughts, and I even contemplate cancelling the trip altogether. The crazy thing is, I was never like this.

What started my anxiety? What is the underlying development factor? What got me over it? Let me tell you about it.

I developed anxiety my senior year of University. Happened out of the blue, I didn’t know what was happening to me or why, but I induced it all myself with my thoughts. While I was reading "Girl, Wash Your Face," Rachel talked about her struggles and how what we go through emotionally, or put ourselves through mentally, the body reacts too. So essentially the stress you have in your mind causes illness, anxiety, etc. etc. etc. and this makes so much sense. Not only do you cause your brain to go through so much pressure when you’re stressed, but it has to release the stress somehow.

I thought my anxiety was a literal disease, I thought I was sick. I consulted doctors for my anxiety, consulted therapists, and finally realized that it is so much more common than I thought it was. I felt trapped and so imprisoned in my own thoughts that I felt like there was no escape, until I started my journey to get rid of it for good. I started with reading, researching, learning about it. Then I realized, every time I thought about anxiety, I’d get an anxiety attack. So how do I overcome this problem? How do I get myself to stop thinking about it?

I started with yoga, I did Yin since it’s restorative, and the I left feeling so light and renewed. Then I started meditating, I used the Headspace app and listened to a lot of happy, anti-anxiety meditation. then I started using the law of attraction to tell myself I don’t have it. I learned how to apply this using The Secret, the book that literally changed my life. All of the above, took a little time- about a whole year, but it worked. It sounds so simple, like doing these things is a quick cure but it takes sooo much mental strength to really truly overcome it and trust me, once you gain it you will feel so empowered and like nothing can ever control your mind again.

I’m sitting here writing this, opening up a part of my life that I never thought I’d share because I always thought it was things I never needed to share, a struggle I was trying to overcome, a flaw. But I know I’m not alone, & I know this could help someone reading this. I’m writing this blog post as I sit waiting to board a flight, and I know I’ll be fine, I’ll sit on my seat, wait for the plane to take off (my anxiety was always between the time you board and take off, after I was totally fine), and enjoy the time I have to switch off, disconnect from the world, and have me time, with NO anxiety at all.

My Travel Routine

Before my flight, I like to relax. I don’t set an alarm that day (depending on the flight times, usually I have evening flights). I meditate a lot leading up to the flight (mostly to maintain my non anxiety mindset) and then I watch other Influencers’ in-flight routines. This gives me motivation for the flight LOL and ideas on how to keep myself occupied.

A tip my mom actually gave me was to visualize myself in the flight, having a smooth, great flight, so I do that! I visualize the flight, the trip, everything. This is also part of the law of attraction so I know it’s bound to work.

The day of travel – I like to leave packing to last minute so it occupies my mind and I feel enthusiastic about the trip rather than sit around waiting to go to the airport. This helps again with occupying my mind so I have no room to let my mind think about anxiety.

I use audible to listen to books so I download one or make sure the one I’m reading has enough listening time to last me a good amount, and then download Netflix shows, movies, etc.

I then make sure to pack my handbag – I put my toiletries in my handbag, my laptop, chargers, camera, etc. I carry a Longchamp bag which is honestly the best for traveling as it’s waterproof, fits everything & is great quality.

Last thing is I get ready and I get ready like I’m going somewhere, makeup, hair, all of it – this gives me stuff to do in the plane (especially long-haul flights) I can take my makeup off in flight, do my skincare routine, it takes up time and gives me something to look forward to in-flight.

I know this was a super long post but I feel like it was one that needed more depth, so if you read the whole thing and it helped you in some way, then I got what I wanted. If you took anything from this I want it to be for you to know you’re not alone. If you’ve gone through similar, are going through it, or have questions or just want to talk about it, you have a friend. My emails and my DM’s are always open to y’all. Thank you for letting me share, and thank you for reading.




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