Products I Didn’t Like – Skincare, Makeup, Fashion, & More!

Hi friends!

I know I always share products I like with y’all, reviews of brands and products that you should buy and that work well for me, but I’ve never shared products I don’t like and after talking with some friends and this coming up I decided I’d share the products I didn’t love from PR and my personal purchases.

This by no means means that I don’t like the brand or other products from the brands, but these are just my reviews on sole products I wasn’t crazy about or would recommend to you all and don’t reach for. It’s only a handful of products because I don’t work with brands I don’t love or would purchase products from myself, so this won’t be too long.

Let’s get started!

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Cleansing Ritual

This set was gifted to me and while I LOVE Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup, these particular products I didn’t like. I’m actually still using the cleansing balm because I ran out of my Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil and I went makeup wipe free a few months ago to be more environmentally friendly and I honestly don’t like using it. It makes my eyes burn, it’s really thick so hard to wash off, and I have to really scrub to get the makeup off. The charcoal cleanser was alright, but got my sink and hands dirty, and just not pleasant to use overall.

Drunk Elephant Kamili Cream Body Cleanser

Okay y’all know I truly love Drunk Elephant and their products, their skincare is no doubt one of the best out there and I’ve yet to dislike any of their skincare but they just launched their hair and body collection and this was one of the only products I didn’t like. Personally, I like to smell really good when I get out of the shower, so because this is fragrance free that’s one of the reasons I’m not too crazy about it. It also doesn’t lather so I feel like I end up using more product than necessary to feel cleaner, and I don’t love that it’s a cream consistency either. Overall not a fan of this particular product and don’t feel its worth the $$.


Good Molecules Caffeine Energizing Hydrogel Eye Patches

I was really excited about this product because I love anything that makes my under eyes look brighter and more awake since I have darker eye bags but this product has been a total fail. Not only is it really messy to apply, but it actually highlights my under eye bags and makes them look worse. I tried this a few times to see if it would make a difference and nope, definitely didn’t work for me.


Amika Hair Straightener

I got this in a fab fit fun box I believe and the few times I’ve used it it’s totally fried my hair. I find the plates to be too rough on my hair and because I have thin hair I just didn’t want to risk trying it any more than I had. They do have different kinds of straighteners so I might have got one for thicker or coarse hair but didn’t work for me.


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream 

There is so much hype for this product so when I received this I was beyond excited to try it out. I used it for a few months day and night religiously and I didn’t notice any difference so for the price, I wouldn’t recommend it. However, my mom did use the magic eye cream and she really liked it!

Moving on to Fashion, I only have one pick.

Louboutin Pigalle Follies 100


I was so excited about these shoes you guys, I actually bought them in Dubai and they hold sentimental value from my trip so I haven’t sold them but they are the worlds most uncomfortable shoe. I’ve heard the So Kate’s hurt a lot too but I opted for a wider front and a lower heel for more comfort but I truly cannot wear these for more than 1 hour. BUT I bought the Follies Strass for my wedding and they could not have been more comfortable! They are pricier but well worth it, so hit and miss.

& for makeup, there have been a few but I think the one thing that didn’t work out for me that’s a cult favorite is:

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

I was so excited to try this out but every time I wear it I go over it with my NYX soft spoken. It’s way too pink for my skin tone, washes me out, and I truly have tried it so many times but it’s just not for me. I know so many people who love this and it looks so good on them but I think because my undertone is more yellow it doesn’t work for me.

That is it you guys! I hope this helped y’all and let me know if you want me to do these more 🙂


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