Ramadan Decor & Prep 2020

Hi my friends!

As y’all know, Ramadan this year is going to be so different from the rest. No iftars, no mosque gatherings, but that means more time to get closer to God and to self-reflect! In an effort to make my home feel a little different and in the spirit of Ramadan I decided to add a little decor for Ramadan. I’m also sharing some “spring cleaning” Ramadan edition that I try to do annually.

First off, decor!

I didn’t buy anything new for this decor I actually just put together what I already had from last year + my wedding! We had these lanterns outside our house for my home Mehndi application event so I took these & then if y’all have been following me long enough you’ll remember my “eid Mubarak” decor for my Eid party I organized last year and I used the Mubarak from that set up to create this! I also love that these lanterns have battery operated candles so I can turn it on when sunset starts & keep it going all night.

Another thing I love doing is doing a big wash of everything including prayer mats/rugs, prayer clothes, and just sheets and clothes in general. I also use this time to sort out my winter clothing and donate what I won’t use + put the rest away in storage to make room for Summer pieces.


Something I implemented this year is planning meals ahead of time, only cuz I have to LOL. Since we don’t have the luxury of iftar’s and mosque dinner’s I had to figure out what to make and make a list of things that are healthy and easy to prep because your girl is so hangry while I fast that I can’t think of anything during. My list consists of easy meals like Daal (lentil soup) Salads, Haleem, pasta, stir fry’s, sandwiches, and a lot of fresh mocktails which I LOVE during Ramadan. I always break my fast with a concoction of mint + lemon & something else so I get my water intake & it tastes good so I enjoy doing that. Below I have rooh Afzal + mint + lime and it is SO good!

Last but not least I set goals for what I want to achieve for the month. This month I’m going to try completing the recitation of the Quran, meditating daily, not missing any prayers, donating more, and try to have more gratitude and optimism in life esp because of COVID19.

I’ll try to post more Ramadan content as the month goes on, but I hope you all have a blessed month full of happiness even at home. Xo.



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