The 7th Annual Hum Awards – From The Rehearsals To The Red Carpet

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I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for opportunities like this, but from the title of this post you can tell that I got to attend the 7th annual Hum Awards with Houston Chronicle and it was the most surreal experience ever! For some background, the “Hum Awards are annual Pakistani accolades bestowed by the Hum Network Limited in recognition of excellence in programming of television, fashion and music industry of Pakistan. Winners are awarded the Hum Award of Merit.” & this year they were traveled all the way to the US to host their first USA awards in Houston! Me and a few of my friends in the blogging industry were invited by different publications to cover the awards and we could not have had a better time together!

If you’re Pakistani, watch Pakistani dramas or films, you’ll know that this is a pretty big deal. Not only is this showing a whole different side of Pakistan to the Western world, but it’s showing the world that Pakistan is more than the media portrays them to be. The biggest stars, musical legends, and veterans of the industry were all in attendance and it was so amazing meeting them, taking pictures with them, conversing with them, and seeing who they were as people behind the characters they play. So let me take y’all through the experience if you missed it on my Instagram!

*My outfit details are at the bottom of this post!*

The Rehearsals

I got to drop by the grand rehearsals the day before the awards and I honestly had no idea what to expect. This was my first time going BTS on anything in the television world but it was honestly so chill, the actors who weren’t rehearsing on stage were friendly, they were open to taking pictures, easy to talk to, and so down to earth which was the most surprising part. I had seen them on screen, followed their dramas, but in person it felt like you were talking to an old friend which is honestly the best feeling! Two of the actors I got to know were Sarah Khan and Asim Azhar, and both were so sweet!


The Red Carpet

I think the best part of my entire award show experience with Hum was the red carpet. I got to really see and talk to the actors there, there were SO many in attendance it felt like most of the industry came to Houston! A few of the actors I met were Reema, Javed Sheikh, Adnan Siddiqui, Iqra Aziz, Zaid Ali (youtuber), Moroo (youtuber), Farhan Saeed, Urwa Hocane, Mawra Hocane, Ayesha Omer, Kubra Khan, Bushra Ansari, Imran Ashraf, Muneeb Butt, Ahmad Ali Butt, Kinza Hashmi, Musarat Misbah (philanthropist), Mikaal Zulfiqar, & Ali Rehman Khan. I think the part that amazed me the most was how identical they look on television and in real life, I mean it’s them, but the makeup and hair and all of that is so natural and I didn’t realize it til’ I saw them in person. Sometimes when you see someone on screen, in person they look different. These actors and actresses were so beautiful in person too and not only that, but their personalities were so amazing. My favorite part was the outfits of course, being a fashion blogger it was amazing to see these Pakistani designers work in person because we don’t see a lot of that in Houston, especially the regal looks so it was amazing seeing the way they styled the looks and the accessories and they all carried the looks with so much grace!

Overall the red carpet segment of the awards was so so great, we spent a good 1-1.5 hours just doing that and taking pictures, meeting fellow bloggers and friends, it was so much fun!

The Awards

In true desi fashion, the awards started 2 hours later than scheduled LOL. I’m actually really excited to watch the awards on TV to see what they edited out, or added in, etc. but I loved the performances and seeing the grandeur of it all in person. The talent is incredible and it’s so apparent in the way they transform on stage. I am so beyond happy I got to be in attendance for the awards and got to share it with y’all! I’ll link the Houston Chronicle article below if y’all want to see more pics 🙂

[images from Hum TV]

Outfit Details:

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As always, thanks for the support and the love my friends, xo.



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