The Spring Statement Jumpsuit

Hi my beautiful friends!

So a few updates, I will be going on a trip this week for about 12 days, hence the second blog post in a week – I couldn’t keep this outfit from y’all esp since it’s selling out so quickly! I am going to try to do a travel diaries post (if I can) and share my experience with y’all. I will be revealing my location on my Instagram this weekend, so be sure to follow me there and keep up with my stories to see where I’m going!

When I came across this piece in store I knew it would be the perfect spring jumpsuit and can be worn with so many different accessories to be worn edgy, girly, and even casually.

I did get this from Zara (they only had 1 left in my size, small, so order online!) & I loved the fabric, the print, and the fact that not only was it comfortable but it combined a lot of trends together in 1 piece. The pajama set trend that came out with the lining and the button down front, the jumpsuit, the floral, and the belted at the waist.

The way I styled this piece was I paired it with some mule style heels, and my Chanel bag and Celine sunglasses. I wanted to keep it simple, since the outfit spoke for itself.

Here’s a few other ways you can style this:

Edgy: Throw on a baker boy hat and a leather jacket over your shoulders, and pointed toe booties. Maybe even a red lip if you’re feeling a little extra 😉

Girly: The way I wore this was pretty girly, with some chunky mule heels, a classic Chanel, sunnies, and hair down and curled. I didn’t want to add any jackets or anything because it’s such a flattering outfit that it would take away from the style and unique print of the jumpsuit.

Casual: So the sleeves on the outfit can be worn long, or 3/4. I feel like when sleeves are rolled up it makes it a little more laid back and casual. Wear it with some sandals, a crossbody bag, and sunglasses and you’re set for a casual look. These pants are extremely long on the jumpsuit, I’m about 5"6.5-5"7 and even with heels on they were pretty long, so definitely get them hemmed if you’re on the shorter side!

I loved this outfit and I will be wearing this all spring & summer. Below you’ll find some similar jumpsuits that are more affordable and a different style but still the same kind of statement look!

Thanks for reading my loves! & Thank you so much for the amazing comments and feedback on my last few posts, opening up to y’all has been a joy and I love how accepting and supportive y’all are. Thank you for that.



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