The Instagram Algorithm & How It Affects Bloggers

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If you have an Instagram account then you must be no stranger to the Instagram algorithm and how every blogger has been complaining about it since the beginning of this year. I realized so many of us complain but more than 90% of our following are you all who aren’t bloggers, and you probably wonder why we’re all complaining so much and why it’s such a big deal? I’ll explain how this affects me personally, can’t speak for everyone else, but since I became a full time blogger almost a year ago I’ve learned so much about Instagram and since it is the platform where I have my business, let me take y’all through why it matters so much.

First of all the word algorithm means this: a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

The #1 problem we face with this algorithm is engagement. Engagement means everything to bloggers because that’s how we know you, the consumers, like our post, or product.  The algorithm is set up so that only 10% of followers see a person’s post. So lets say I have 20K followers, that means only 10% will even see the post. Out of that how many of us mindlessly scroll through our feed without clicking like? So out of 2000 people that see the post, if less than that are even clicking like then that’s where the algorithm gets us.

The easiest way to explain this is with jewelry. When you go into a jewelry store you buy the ring because you like it. You’re spending your money on the item that the business is selling because you like the item, then you go back and you buy earrings. Then you tell your friends about it and they go buy jewelry. For a blogger, it works the same way except you don’t have to buy anything. You’re not spending your money on anything if you don’t want to, the way a bloggers business keeps running is by you simply liking or commenting their post and showing them you like it, telling your friends to follow and support too. You spend 0 money, but the blogger gets the engagement and you’re helping their brand by supporting it. So by spending less than 2 seconds to simply like a post, you’re helping a blogger thrive in their work and business!

What a blogger does is, we work with a brand for the brand’s exposure, they send us a product and we use it, review it, take pictures of it or wearing it, and style it to suit us, it’s marketing with a personal touch. I as a blogger am not being paid to sell something (most of the time), it’s to raise awareness about the product in hopes that you all will like it and purchase, but the exchange is for exposure. How does a brand know that they’re getting their money’s worth from a blogger? When they see that people are engaging and seeing the post. If I have 30,000 followers and less than 3000 people are liking or seeing my post, then that’s mostly due to the fact that my followers aren’t engaging with my posts. The algorithm is set up so that the more you like a person’s post the more their posts show up on your feed, so if you scroll past it and don’t do anything about it then you won’t see the person’s content.

As a blogger I spend so much of my time doing back end work that rarely shows on the front end, there’s contracts and agreements, shooting, editing, submitting, re-shooting sometimes, then posting, after posting you have to market your own post to make sure it gets seen (bc again, algorithm) and then amplifying it on other platforms too. There’s SO much work that goes into it, and it’s not a 9-5 job. Our work never starts at 9 or ends at 5, my typical day from the moment I check Instagram in the AM to when I finally log off so probably from 8am to 12am. I love what I do and that’s why I went full time so that I could dedicate my full attention to my brand and my blog but when platforms make it so hard for our posts to do well it’s so frustrating and disheartening because we do everything we can to get the maximum reach. I do understand the logic behind Instagram wanting to do this, they want people to focus on more quality content rather than on likes and comments & trust me I wish that was all it was about too! I wish we didn’t have to focus on the likes and engagement that a post got and could just create content and get paid, but the fact is that brands want to see engagement because that’s what they’re working with influencers for.

So in conclusion I want to say if you are one that follows bloggers, know we put our heart and soul into the work we do, most of us started this as a passion like I did and would love and appreciate the support so so much! Hope this helped answer a lot of questions y’all have about the algorithm!


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