Travel Diaries: London Part II

Hi everyone!

First of all I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone whose shown so much love on my Instagram posts from London, I loved sharing my day to day activities with y’all and can’t wait to get into depth about it all here. I do go to London almost every year so this was not my first time, but this time was by far my favorite visit! I’ll be doing sights first, where you should go what you should see (not the cliche tourist areas) the food, and the outfits I wore were so highly requested that I’ll create another post for that :).

For the sights to see of course there’s the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, etc. but there are so many spots that aren’t as famous as the ones I’ve mentioned. The spots I really like that you should definitely go see I will list below, by area.

Marlow, Buckinghamshire:

Marlow is a small "village" outside of london that I HIGHLY recommend going to, it’s referred to as the "gem of the River Thames" and it has beautiful countryside views as well as a few spots to see and hotels that are absolutely gorgeous too. My family lives here so I’ve spent a lot of Summer’s in Marlow but if you haven’t ever been I do suggest going there if you’re a nature lover! I suggest Instagram searching Marlow and seeing what pops up, that’s what I do everywhere.

Central London

Nottinghill – great for pics and for food!

Camden – Go to the market!! They have all types of food from around the world (& there are halal options too!)

South Kensington – Such a gorgeous area! The Victoria & Albert Museum is there as well

Canary Wharf – Basically downtown London, all the banks and huge corporations are here, but it’s also where the nicest spots to eat are and if you want a change of scenery it’s gorgeous.

Sky Garden – You need a reservation to get in but it’s totally free to reserve, you’ll get the best view of ALL of London from the Sky Garden and it’s stunning to take pics at too, or for a date night if you’re feeling a little spendy and wanting to treat the one you love 😉

Greenwich Park – go to the top! It’s where GMT started, there’s a little museum and you can learn all about the history of that, but the views are absolutely stunnnning, so worth the "little" hike.

Bicester Village – okay guys I fell in LOVE with Bicester, its all designer shopping outlets and they have everything you can think of. Not only that, but amazing restaurants and decor that you can easily spend a whole day there. Definitely did some major damage there lol. (Haul was highly requested so I’ll add that in my outfit blog post!)

Knightsbridge – This is where Harrods is so you definitely need to go to Knightsbridge, there’s also so much good food around here!

Oxford St – Shopping heaven!

Regent’s Park – Me and my friend spent a good 2 hours just laying in the grass catching up in Regent’s, so gorgeous to walk through as well since there’s a lot of monuments and stuff.

Hyde Park – the infamous Hyde Park, I would highly recommend biking here, it’s gorgeous to bike in and even do a picnic when the weather allows!

Tower Bridge – This bridge is absolutely beautiful!! There are also restaurants around there if you want a bite to eat, but watch the sunset there. So stunning. Right across from Tower bridge you can see Canary Wharf where I took some pics below, and it is just a stunning sight y’all.

Tower Bridge

Views from Sky Garden

Views from Greenwich Park – on my Insta!

Shot in South Kensington, such a pretty area!


So for the food in London, if you eat all halal almost everything can be found that’s halal, like everything. From Nando’s to Ramen, I haven’t heard anyone say that they couldn’t find a halal option for something. Here’s all my favorite restaurants that I visited & loved!

Elan Cafe – just the most stunnnning cafe ever, the wait is super long so go on a weekday if you can, but the place is beautiful and the food is extremely good too.

Drunch – again, stunning cafe, great food, but the restaurant is super tiny so go early or on a day where you know you won’t have to wait to skip the line.

Farm Girl Cafe – In Nottinghill this place was so cute, such good food too

Chapati & Karak – This place is so cute and the chai, omg. I drink black tea so I had the black mint (my go to) but the cardamom karak chai that my friends tried was apparently amazing, and the chapati is so good!

Village Mangal – This place is located in Amersham away from the city, but so worth the drive and the food is just wow.

Saint Aymes – Super cute cafe again, so beautiful, but it’s only a bakery and dessert place so def good for a midday snack!

Dim T- This place is located by Tower Bridge and it’s SO freakin good y’all, get everything. LOL.

Camden Market – again the food here is bomb, we tried some Venezuelan food and it was amazing, but try a little bit of everything if you can!

Franco Manco – such good pizza y’all!

Pizza Express – one word, dough balls. Try them, you can thank me later.

Nando’s – Do I need to say anymore?

Ramo Ramen – halal ramen guys! If you’re from TX then I would say this comes close to Jinya. 😉

Chapati & Karak

Elan Cafe

The Venezuelan Chicken at the Camden Market

Farm Girl in Nottinghill!

Saint Aymes

I have SO much more on my Instagram and on my Instagram Highlights under ‘London’ so be sure to check it out!! Thanks so much for reading, Paris travel diaries is coming soon! 🙂



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